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Bridge, River and Pain au Chocolat

We have crossed The Tamar on the Brunel Bridge, left Cornwall and come to London for four days. I love how the boats all line up un the river which today was so very still. We met T, LiveWire No 3, from school and took her to our favourite cafe, Joie de Vie, for a treat.

River Tamar

Leaving Cornwall

Tea time treat


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Grandbabies, Reading and Crossing The Tamar

1    We played with T  in the morning and collected J from school, a rare treat – for all of us, before catching the train home.

Scooting home from school

Scooting home from school

2   This book is a wonderful read with Harold, on his Unlikely Pilgrimage, noticing all the beautiful things around him. If you haven’t yet read it, do!  It is tender and touching, funny and sad and is full of life’s lessons………

Reading this took me two train journeys

Reading this took me two train journeys

3   The journey home was, as always, lovely especially riding into the sunset, here reflecting in the Tamar as we cross into Cornwall.

Sunset over the Tamar

Sunset over the Tamar


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The River Tamar, Sheep and a Busker

1   The train journey from Cornwall to London is always a pleasure – lots of beautiful countryside to enjoy and lots of reading time. There seemed to be a strong tide and the boats were all lined up on the River Tamar.

Boats lined up on The River Tamar

2   The train took an unusual route today and I spotted these sheep on a hill and just managed to get this photo through the rain streaked window. Don’t you just love them? I’m tempted to try this at home!

Sheep mural

3   I love the London Underground where there are so many amazing musicians busking but so many people just walk by. The music really lifts my spirits in the bustle and crush of the Underground.


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