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Confit Duck, Successful Soup and A Little Bouquet

One of our favourite meals is Confit Duck but we only have it when we eat out and that is not that often so I decided to have a go at doing it myself. I found the recipe and discovered that the preparation starts 24 hours before you want to eat! Here are the prepared legs which are now sitting in the fridge for their ‘at least 12 hours’ chilling, looking rather pretty with the herbs and orange zest, salt and peppercorns.

Prepared Confit Duck

We have eaten lots of our home-grown Runner Beans, frozen even more away and today I have made the first batch of my Runner Bean Soup, which gets more hits than any other post and which, if you Google Runner Bean Soup, comes quite high on the page!

Runner Bean Soup

Yesterday, two of my lovely friends gave me a little bouquet of Sweet Peas, picked out for me because they are purple. I put them with some white Daisies which we brought in after they had been brought down by wind.

Sweet Peas and Daisies



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Google Delight, Summer Soup and Sunflower

We have picked our first Runner Beans today and it being a cold morning rather than a summer’s day, I decided to make soup with the beans. Imagine my delight when I googled Runner Bean Soup to discover my photo of Runner Bean Soup at the top and my blog recipe at No 4! It amuses me to look at my stats and to discover that my Runner Bean Soup recipe has had 21,963 hits, the most successful of all my recipes!  Click the red link if you would like to try it or, Google it and go from there.

Green and orange

One of the comments under my recipe asks if I have ever used a Sweet Potato. Until today, no, but as we had no potatoes in except the sweet kind, I tried it and the soup was equally delicious though a little runnier without the starch from the potato. It wasn’t green either!

Scrumptious home-made soup

We have the last of our Sunflowers in a bowl on the kitchen table – sunshine in a soup bowl!

Sunflower from Angela


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Soup, Sunflower and Singing in Harmony

1   We have so many Runner Beans! The freezer is nearly full and so are we but today we found many recipes for Runner Bean Soup on the internet so I made up my own adapting several of them and it was delicious. We had some for lunch and have 2 pints frozen. More tomorrow!

Runner bean soup

Runner bean soup

2   Coming home from town today we saw some glorious sunflowers peeking over the fence about 8ft above us.

September sunflower

September sunflower

3   The new term has started at The Ingleheart Singers and it was so good to get back to singing in harmony again. Apparently singing in harmony is very good for the heart and the brain as well as for the soul. I certainly always feel better after a singing session. If I feel good before I go, I feel brilliant afterwards. On those occasions when I feel low, if I go to choir, I feel better in no time!    I’ve taken the following quotation from an anonymous essay based on Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness While Singing With Others by Stacy Horn,  Algonquin Books. I’d love to give credit to the essay writer if anyone knows who it is. Thanks, anyway!

“Singing might be our most perfect drug; the ultimate mood regulator, lowering rates of anxiety, depression and loneliness, while at the same time amplifying happiness and joy, with no discernible, unpleasant side effects. ”

PS The butterfly I was trying to identify yesterday seems to be a female Chequered Skipper. Thanks to lots of you for the help.


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