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Before, After and Story-Time

The Thyme plants in our herb wall have become very woody and so I felt we needed to replace them. The lovely Mr S found me three plants recently so today was the day to get them planted.

Leggy and woody Thymes

So, here they are in their new home – a creeping one called Creeping Red, some French Thyme and a variegated one called Silver Posie.

Three new ones in situ

We have just been reading to our littlest LiveWires (3 years old) who live in Barcelona and it was wonderful! They were both engaged and joining in and we had to read three books as they kept saying, “More please!” Thank goodness for Skype!

Gruffalo and the Monster were the favourites

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A Visit, Eggs and Feathers

One of our very dear friends came by today now that we are allowed to meet outside. We spent a very happy couple of hours in the garden. N brought with her some wonderful gifts and a pile of beautiful story books for us to borrow to read over Skype to our three year old LiveWire twins in Barcelona.

There were freshly laid eggs, two of which which we will have for breakfast and freshly dug new potatoes which we have enjoyed this evening.

N also brought me some delicate feathers for a very special purpose. I have a wonderful collection of Samantha Bryan’s fairies (Did you know all fairies have to learn to fly?) and a couple of them have disintegrating wings! They were made of skeleton leaves which are not as long lasting as feathers which many of my fairies have. We are going to try to replace the leaves with feathers – after getting advice from the maker herself.

That was a very precious few hours as we haven’t seen each other for almost three months and at the beginning of that time, N suffered with C19 and we were so very worried. It was just wonderful to see her properly again not just on a screen even if we couldn’t hug.


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Baked Apple Roses, Books and Reading

Yesterday I saw a recipe for Baked Apple Roses which caught my fancy so today I made some and they are truly delicious, especially served warm with a dollop of Cornish Ice-cream! They were made by TipHero but I cannot find a link to the video.

Baked Apple Rose

Baked Apple Rose

I love Julia Donaldson’s books (The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and many others) discovered when reading them aloud to our Grandchildren. I love her philosophy here too. How true – and I remember doing this as a child. In fact, I still do it. I can’t imagine how many books I have inside me!

Julia Donaldson I Opened a Book

Julia Donaldson I Opened a Book

Then this came my way today.

A child who reads ....

A child who reads ….

Both of these made me think about my reading as a child. I loved The Scarlet Pimpernel stories, Pippi Longstocking and my shelf-full of Puffin books which I only passed on to daughter No2 a few years ago. I wonder what your childhood favourites were?


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First Beans, First Sweet Peas and Books

We have had our first Broad Beans tonight and they were truly scrumptious!

First crop in Mum's trug

First crop in Mum’s trug

2   The Sweet Peas are getting up the arch and the first ones have flowered today. I am hoping for the arch to be covered before my beloved brother and SIL leave in early July. They will arrive on Friday and I am very excited!

First Sweet peas going up the arch

First Sweet peas going up the arch

3   Julia Donaldson is the author of many books for children including the wonderful Gruffalo . These are her words and I so echo them.  I wonder which books have lived on most in you, dear Readers.

I opened a book - Julia Donaldson

I opened a book – Julia Donaldson

The crazy characters of Under Milk Wood, the beautiful and zany Pippi Longstocking and The Scarlet Pimpernel are among some of the many that are inside me for ever.


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