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Heliotrope, Cosmos and Petunia

The scent of the Heliotrope is just wonderful, not for nothing is its nickname Cherry Pie. The bees love it too.

Heliotrope with Bee

They also love the Cosmos.


I saw this pretty


Petunia at the garden centre and want to grow it ourselves next year.



Rainy day, Old Friends and Wild Flower Meadows

What a lot of rain fell today! The garden needed it and it has has certainly freshened the air. This is the view through a rain spattered back window.

Rainy garden

We went to visit old friends in Truro today. They are both in their 90s and were friends of my parents. We all enjoy a good natter – they like hearing about our lives and we learn so much of their history too – and we share our political concerns….  We took with us a rain drenched bouquet of flowers from our very wet garden.

Garden bouquet

Driving away later, we went down Daniell Road, into Daniell Street where I have never seen so many beautiful window boxes and out to the top of Lemon Street (details for family and friends who know Truro well). The two patches of grass outside The Daniell Arms (now called The Thomas Daniell) are now little wild flower meadows and they are glorious!

Taken from a moving car


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Thank You Card, Nelly Moser and White Flowers

A card with a beautiful message arrived this morning. It was from J who stayed here for a few days as next door was full of family here for Bill’s funeral. We made a lovely new friend.

Our Nelly Moser Clematis has more flowers this year than ever before.

We planted the very pretty white flowered Libertia Grandiflora on top of our hedge a few years ago and that too, is doing very well this year.


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Still Waters, A Cloud and A Bunch of Flowers

Singing by The Penryn River was beautiful this morning as there was no wind and the reflections almost perfect in the still waters.

I loved the reflection of a cloud in the river.dscn6940

I heard this morning that two good friends are a bit under the weather so I found a few of our last flowers in the garden and made up a small bouquet to take down the road. Carn Brea can just be seen in the background.

The last of our flowers in a small bouquet for some under-the-weather friends

The last of our flowers in a small bouquet for some under-the-weather friends


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Love, Pansies, Lettuces and Begonias 

I like the sentiment in this.

We have salads, herbs and edible flowers in our trough.

Our Begonias are quite stunning. I love the blue of the Lobelia beginning to show through.


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Spider Crab, Bunch of Flowers and Friendship

While I was picking a bunch of flowers for a lovely friend whose birthday is tomorrow, I noticed a white and pink spider on the white and pink lupins. I took my photos and then identified it as a Crab Spider. Its legs are certainly very crab like. I have never seen one like it before. 

Flowers for our beautiful friend which we delivered, along with some freshly made Strawberry Freezer Jam, this afternoon.
Despite our shared shock and sadness at the referendum result, we all found some smiles. Thank you N, G, T and K.

Thanks here too to J and M, also helping me find important things this last week.



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Uplifting Singing, A Mistake and Evening Blooms

What a fabulous sing this morning with Claire Ingleheart and The Suitcase Singers. We went from Shoshalosa to Batonebo, through Yenemanormanoa to Janie Mama, all sung with such joy! I have so missed singing and harmonising with other beautiful voices while we have been away.  Believe me, I took some beautiful photos of the Penryn River and some bluebells this morning and only realised when I tried to upload them that I had had no memory card in my camera! So here are a few photos of beautiful flowers in our garden this evening.



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Brightening Up A November Day

It has been such a grey, wet and windy day here with no venturing outside so I thought it time to share the photos of the garden taken on November 1st – and there are still splashes of colour all over the garden. Click on any photo to see the beautiful detail.




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Equinox Tide, Garden Blooms and A Visit

Yesterday we went to Falmouth for my flat walk and found the tide at Gylly Beach the lowest we have ever seen – the Equinox tide apparently.

Low tide at Gylly

Low tide at Gylly

Wind surfers and swimmers enjoying the beautiful afternoon

Wind surfers and swimmers enjoying the beautiful afternoon

Our glorious Indian Summer continues and there are lots of flowers still blooming in the garden, today October 1st.

Another lovely neighbour called in this afternoon for a chat and brought with her some fresh garden veggies and some homemade shortbread which was very lovely. We do have some very special neighbours and friends! Thank you all.


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Agapanthus and Cosmos

I’m happy that I made it into the garden yesterday. Today it has rained almost all day.




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