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Rainy day, Old Friends and Wild Flower Meadows

What a lot of rain fell today! The garden needed it and it has has certainly freshened the air. This is the view through a rain spattered back window.

Rainy garden

We went to visit old friends in Truro today. They are both in their 90s and were friends of my parents. We all enjoy a good natter – they like hearing about our lives and we learn so much of their history too – and we share our political concerns….  We took with us a rain drenched bouquet of flowers from our very wet garden.

Garden bouquet

Driving away later, we went down Daniell Road, into Daniell Street where I have never seen so many beautiful window boxes and out to the top of Lemon Street (details for family and friends who know Truro well). The two patches of grass outside The Daniell Arms (now called The Thomas Daniell) are now little wild flower meadows and they are glorious!

Taken from a moving car


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Summer Flowers, Flambé Banana and Chinese Proverb

1   There are so many beautiful front gardens in Hayle, a mass of colour and scent to be treasured.

2   We stopped at Johnny’s Cafe for lunch and after some very tasty Kaffir Lime and Sweetcorn Fritters, I had the Flambé Cinnamon Banana with Ice-cream – delicious!  If you are ever in Hayle, this is the place for a delicious meat-free meal. We aren’t vegetarians but we just love the food made freshly to order with locally sourced ingredients that is served here.

My treat

My treat

3   I found a lovely little notebook with a Chinese proverb on it that just seemed to suit me.

Chinese proverb

Chinese proverb


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