Dylan Thomas, Roots and A Day Lily

11 Jul

Last week we were in Penzance for the Lit Fest and spotted the following plaque noting the marriage of Dylan Thomas, my favourite poet, to Caitlin on this day in 1937 in this lovely house in Penzance.

Plaque to Dylan Thomas and Caitlin who were married here in 1937

Another very pleasing day at Roots. My first two hours were spent at home again making another veg bag and then I joined the lovely Mr S and the other volunteers. I pricked out a tray of Romanesco cauliflower babies the seeds of which I planted only a week ago. My second tray was of swedes which I had not known until last week are also of the brassica family. The growth every week is remarkable. Click on any photo for a larger view and the caption.

We love Day Lilies.

Day Lily


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