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A Sign, Flags and Sunflower Seeds

While we were away I spotted a sign in a window that amused me.

As we left Newlyn, we passed by the Jubilee Swimming Pool in Penzance where the flags are gorgeous.

The sunflowers in the allotment have such heavy heads of seeds that I have brought one home and put it on the bird feeder pole where the setting sun has lit it up this evening. I hope that our visiting birds will  find the seeds tasty.


Rowers, Child Art and Sculptures

While having our breakfast, we watched the gig rowers going out for their practice.

Later we went back to the art gallery to check the name of the artist who made the huge tapestries and I have updated the page, Cecilia Charlton  The children’s gallery we passed on the way was a delight. I love that the children’s art is appreciated too.

Life is a special occasion and Have a great day!

The sculpture outside is very moving. It  shows a fisherman casting his line as the boat arrives in port. It was built to honour dead fishermen, with over twenty local men having died fishing since 1980. Money was raised for the statue locally and the life-size bronze casting was made by local sculptor, Tom Leaper.

The bronze statue of a fisherman on the edge of Newlyn Green  By Tom Leaper

I also loved the little dragon swallowing a fish that we saw on a nearby rooftop.


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Newlyn, Art Gallery and Scallops

Enjoy the gallery.  Click on any photo for a larger view and a caption.

The artist who made the tapestries is Cecilia Charlton.


Tandem, Weather Vane and Decoupage

On our way back from town, we came upon two young neighbours trying out the family tandem for the first time and what an enjoyable time they were having.

Having fun

Walking around Newlyn before going to see Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman at the Newlyn Filmhouse, we spotted a lovely weathervane.

Weather vane in Newlyn

In the cafe upstairs, before the film, we were both taken by the decoupage on the tables.


The film, by the way, is stunning,  offering an unflinching, true-life examination of race relations in 1970s America that is just as frighteningly relevant in today’s tumultuous world.


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Walking and Singing Together

Dylan Thomas once said of Mousehole (pronounced Mowzel) that it was the prettiest village in England and it was here that we started our walk today with singers from two Cornish choirs, Levow an Bys and Dawn Chorus, in aid of Freedom from Torture.  Join us all on this chilly walk as we make our way through Mousehole into Newlyn and thence to Penzance stopping at various points along the way to sing. What a splendid afternoon. Thank you P for inviting us along.  Click on any photo for detail and the caption which will tell you what we sang at each point. Sorry I don’t have any recordings for you. Stopping to take photos was quite tricky in the midst of fifty walkers!


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Newlyn Art Gallery, Heron and St Michael’s Mount

Other bloggers often ask, ‘What are you grateful for?’  Every day I am so grateful that we were able to come back to Cornwall, to enjoy the sea and the countryside. Today we went to Newlyn to the Art Gallery and for a walk along the front in bright Autumn sunshine. There was a bowl that I loved and a painting but almost the best thing was seeing the sky as we went up in the lift – magic!

As we walked along Mr S spotted a Heron in the sea.

Heron in the sea

Heron in the sea

From the path and the gardens we could see St Michael’s Mount in the distance.

View of St Michael's Mount from Newlyn

View of St Michael’s Mount from Newlyn



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