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Walk on the Beach

What a glorious Autumn afternoon, just the time for a gentle walk on the beach at low tide having had to miss singing this morning.

The very old engine house, Wheal Coates with a vapour trail behind.

This pool seems golden with the reflection of the cliffs in the water.

What a delightful find.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Local

We are very lucky in having this beach as our local – Chapel Porth on Cornwall’s North Coast. It takes us about twelve minutes to get there and today it was just perfect for a long walk at low tide. We both feel at home here. It’s just the best place to straighten out any kinks!  For others in this week’s challenge see this link


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Back Home, The Garden and The Sea

Somewhat spaced from the 22 hours travelling and and 8 hour time difference, we have enjoyed a quiet day, checking out the garden, catching up over tea with our lovely neighbour and an evening stroll to one of our favourite haunts. Click on any photo for captions and enlargements and if you missed any of our amazing road trip in Arizona to The Grand Canyon and Sedona, please feel free to look around!


Cornflower, Sunflower and A Cliff Walk

We have lots of Cornflowers in bloom. I caught one with an unusual Bee on it.  This afternoon I went to visit Sue at her allotment. Her Sunflowers are very lovely and this evening we  walked to Wheal Coates watching the activity in the sky, hang gliders and Kestrels! Click on any photo in the gallery for more detail. The feathers on the Kestrels are just amazing!


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Windy Walk, Wild Waves and A Long View

One of our favourite walks is from Chapel Porth up the cliffs to Wheal Coates. It was so wild and windy that we only made it to the top and down again. The waves were wonderful, crashing and crossing in the bay. As the sun began going down, the effects were quite spectacular. The paths up had been made into gullies by the month’s torrential rain and new stones were exposed. Click on any photo for more detail. I think the effect in the last photo is called Bokeh but I don’t know how I achieved it! Perhaps it was the salt spray getting on the lens.



In the distance on the drive home is an old engine house (I’m not sure which one. I will look it up and come back) and the sky behind made it a ‘must stop the car and take a photo’ moment!

Wheal ? with setting sun clouds

Wheal ? with setting sun clouds


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Waves, Reflection and Friendship

The sea in these pictures is the same still sea that we visited yesterday but in a very different mood. Today the waves – and the surfers – were back in Chapel Porth.



We also watched a family having a lovely time in the gentler surf at the edge of the water. I was pleased to catch their reflections in the retreating water.

Our special friend N came to spend several hours with me today so that the lovely Mr S and Daughter No 1 could go out for a sail. That was a very pleasing morning and our lunch of homegrown Watercress soup, delicious.


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The Seaside, Ice-cream and Gladioli

I have been to see the sea today! The sea at Chapel Porth was the quietest we have ever seen it. Usually it is full of surfers, today there were lots of swimmers enjoying the unusually flat sea. It was fabulous to get my lungs full of sea air.

It was just as pleasing to have a special ice-cream, a Foxy, which is Cornish ice-cream, topped with Cornish cream and then rolled in Flapjack crumbs! Can you imagine anything more delicious? Thank you, Rose.

The other day my lovely friend, A, brought some Gladioli that she hoped would open to be purple and white with green foliage. They are now open and very beautiful.



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