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Swaps, Cherries and A Spider

A brilliant trade happened today! One of our choir friends runs the lovely cafe at Chapelporth, renowned for its Hedgehog ice creams, Croque Monsieur and homemade Flapjacks.  She and her staff, who have just been allowed to re-open, were in need of some masks so several of her friends have made some. R came this morning to collect the three I have made and brought us some of her delicious Flapjacks.

Another lovely choir friend does extra bits of shopping for us and today found a big box of cherries, a bargain!

We found a very small green and yellow spider on the Peony today, busy spinning a web.



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Making, Playing and Kindness

1   We had some lovely making sessions today, first some arty plates and later some star flapjacks, lots of singing, especially Skinnymarinka and lots of stories including ‘The Dogs’ Bottoms’ and ‘My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes.’  Recipe for best-ever flapjacks to be found here.

Star flapjacks

Star flapjacks

Crafty plates

Crafty plates

2   The soft-play, Bombadinga’s was great fun, charging around in safety.

Sliding at speed

Sliding at speed

3   On our walk this afternoon we saw these mugs on a wall. There have been workmen in our street all day and one of our kind neighbours gave them coffee.

Coffee for the water workmen

Coffee for the water workmen


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The Cradle, Hydranger Seemanii and Flapjack

1   I love this painting by Berthe Morrisot which I first saw in the Musee d’Orsay, in Paris many years ago. A print now hangs on our landing so that I see it every day. I had to photograph it at an angle to stop the reflection. I hope you can see how lovely it is.

Le Berceau by Berthe Morrisot

2  The hydranger is just starting to open. It is already beautiful.

Hydranger Seemanii beginning to open

3   Made the most delicious sticky flapjack using Dorset Muesli with lots of fruit, bit of an experiment and a bit of a success!

Flapjack in the oven


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