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Cones, Bush Cricket and Another Creature

We find lovely things in the strangest places. We were at the dump taking more prunings, this time from the overgrown Jasmine, when I spotted pine cones at the top of the tree against a beautiful blue sky.

I think what we found on the Jasmine was a Speckled Bush Cricket but it might be a Short Winged Cone Head!

The next creature, looking like a twig or a bit of Autumn leaf on our newly painted trellis, I can’t identify. It didn’t move while we were watching.  It’s about 1″ tip to tip. Can any UK readers help?

PS 26th September 2020
I sent a photo to the Royal Entomological Society yesterday and this is my reply today. Thank you Professor Hardie!


It’s a plume moth, family Pterophoridae, and we have some 45 species in UK.  This one looks like a common or brown plume moth, Emmelina monodactyla.

Best wishes and take care

Jim Hardie


Professor Jim Hardie,

Director of Science, Royal Entomological Society,


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