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Bee, Fungi and A Cloud

In the rich dew of this Autumn morning I found a bee on one of the Crinodendron flowers and loved how the sunlight caught the little drops of dew on all his tiny hairs and collected in bigger drops on his wings.

Down the lane today we came upon a new crop of fungi.

Sunset was at 5.45 this evening and the clouds all turned peachy in the setting glow.


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Cricket, Crinodendron and Creativity

Redruth Cricket Club

1   My Brother-in-law, who lives in Warsaw, is staying with us for a couple of weeks and had a wish to see an English Cricket match. We were lucky that the last match of the season was being played at home on the Cricket ground only minutes away from us. It was very relaxing watching the slow progress and pleasing to catch some of the action.

Bowler and batsman

Getting a single run

2   On the way home is a whole hedge of the beautiful Crinodendron Hookerianum. Our little bush is doing well but is still only a year old.   Crinodendron Hookerianum is a fascinating shrub that has on it buds, flowers and seed pods at all stages all at once.

Crinodendron Hookerarium – our little shrub in the Spring

Crinodendron with flower, just-opening seed pod and ready-to-drop-its-seeds seed pod

Finished flower, incipient seed pod

Fresh seed pod

Seed pod bursting

3    Created a new Spine Poem:

Spine poem


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