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Jellyfish, Swans and Engine Houses

1   We spent the morning photographing the places we had lived in and around Perranporth this morning and also had a lovely time on the beach.  There were dozens of pretty jellyfish in the sands and in the little pools left by the outgoing tide. I’m not sure that they would be fun to meet in the water but I would love to know their names.

Jellyfish 2

Jellyfish 2

Jellyfish 1

Jellyfish 1

2   On the beach near Chapel Rock and in the freshwater stream that runs from the hills into the sea we came across two adult swans with seven cygnets.  I love how the wind blew the feathers on one of the parents and, less obviously, on the cygnets.

Swan family

Swan family

Beautiful swan

3   We spent the afternoon photographing! This time we went in search of our industrial heritage, the relics of tin mining that are all over Cornwall, the wonderful structures that housed the beam engines that pumped the water out of the tin and copper mines. I will do a whole post devoted to them but here is the most beautiful and elegant of them all, Killifreth, Hawke’s Shaft Pumping Engine House.

Killifreth, Hawke's Shaft Pumping Engine House

Killifreth, Hawke’s Shaft Pumping Engine House


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Copper Beech, The Other Granny and Fish ‘n’Chips

1   Next door’s Copper Beech is in full leaf and with the sun shining through this morning looked absolutely glorious.


2    What a delightful afternoon I have had! Driving through wild-flower-filled lanes to Perranporth to meet Grandbaby B’s other Grandma, sitting together on the front in sunshine, chatting about this and that and collecting Brenda‘s knitted contribution to the Wool Against Weapons 7 mile long scarf! That now makes 9 pieces ready to sew together. Thank you!
A lovely afternoon with photos taken by Judy, someone kind enough to take our photos and who commented how lovely it was to be overhearing the conversation of two very happy people!

Brenda and her beautiful contribution with her lovely little trademark  flowers

Brenda and her beautiful contribution with her lovely little trademark flowers

Both of us, Perranporth beach behind us

Both of us, Perranporth beach behind us

3    We bought fish ‘n’ chips in St Agnes this evening and took them up to the Beacon to watch as the sun slid into the sea. As we came home the full moon was rising just behind the garden.

Sunset seen from St Agnes Beacon

Sunset seen from St Agnes Beacon

Tonight's sunset

Slip sliding into the sea

Full moon rising

Full moon rising


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Standing, Kindness and The Power of the Sea

1   Grand Baby B stood up all on her own today! It won’t be long before she is walking.

2   A friend sent me this photograph, an example of kindness. What a beautiful thing for one person to do for another.

Kindness reading


3   We had a walk on the beach at Perranporth at low tide today and could see the effects of last week’s huge tidal surges. The Watering Hole Cafe was lucky to survive the storms.

The sea has washed the sand away

The sea has washed the sand away

Miles and miles of sandy beach at Perranporth

Miles and miles of sandy beach at Perranporth


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Together Again, Nostalgia and Poems

1    We all met in the car park at Perranporth – it was eight years since I had seen my sister-in-law and immediately it felt like yesterday!

Delight in being together again

2   After playing on Perranporth beach (the rain stopped as P&V arrived) and Cornish  pasties for lunch, we did a nostalgic drive to see places from our childhood. The beautiful cottage in Penwartha was one of our homes.We remembered the apple orchard, the daffodils, the slow-worms my older brother collected and being late for school despite the school being two minutes away!

We used to live here when we were little

3   We then went into Truro to see the beautiful Cathedral and for old times’ sake as we lived in the city for many years. Lemon Quay was full of lovely poems, taped to trees and lamp-posts and to a bicycle. I particularly liked this one

Poems on a bicycle

Poem on a bicycle


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Perranporth, Sea Treasures and The Treggies

1  Part of Mikki’s birthday weekend was to walk along the beach at Perranporth. The tide was going out and there really were 3 miles of golden, almost untouched sand  to walk on. We went right to the far end and it was wonderful!

2  On our way back we walked at the high tide line noticing so many beautiful things and I collected lots more little treasures for my ‘washed up’ collection.

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3  My turn to host the Treggies’ Sunday singing session – it was a good one. The neighbours loved hearing us through the walls!

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