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Another Family Visit

Daughter No 3 visited today with her lovely family including LiveWire 4 and we have had a truly splendid day. We met for lunch at The Blue Bar in Porthtowan, a family favourite, spent several hours at the beach, paddling and making beach art. We spent the next few hours picking tomatoes at the allotment, baking cookies, picking sweetcorn cobs for tea and enjoying a delicious evening meal together.



Jellyfish, Swans and Engine Houses

1   We spent the morning photographing the places we had lived in and around Perranporth this morning and also had a lovely time on the beach.  There were dozens of pretty jellyfish in the sands and in the little pools left by the outgoing tide. I’m not sure that they would be fun to meet in the water but I would love to know their names.

Jellyfish 2

Jellyfish 2

Jellyfish 1

Jellyfish 1

2   On the beach near Chapel Rock and in the freshwater stream that runs from the hills into the sea we came across two adult swans with seven cygnets.  I love how the wind blew the feathers on one of the parents and, less obviously, on the cygnets.

Swan family

Swan family

Beautiful swan

3   We spent the afternoon photographing! This time we went in search of our industrial heritage, the relics of tin mining that are all over Cornwall, the wonderful structures that housed the beam engines that pumped the water out of the tin and copper mines. I will do a whole post devoted to them but here is the most beautiful and elegant of them all, Killifreth, Hawke’s Shaft Pumping Engine House.

Killifreth, Hawke's Shaft Pumping Engine House

Killifreth, Hawke’s Shaft Pumping Engine House


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