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Vegetation, Exploration and Experimentation

1    We’re trying companion planting this year, Limnanthus, the Poached Egg Plant, with the Broad Beans and I love how it’s looking. The beautiful theory is that the Limnanthus will attract the aphids so they won’t attack the beans. I’m looking forward to seeing the flowers. My Mum loved the yellow and white of these little treasures.

Companion planting

2  Tabitha, wearing a cardigan I knitted, was a delight opening cupboard doors and exploring but pretending that she wasn’t really interested.

I’m not really trying to open the cupboard!

Trying on a hat made by Corinne Carr

3    Our oldest daughter, Mikki, visited from Exeter today and spent the afternoon building an airport with Jake and then showed him some magic. Jake’s face was a picture as he did the ‘raisins in lemonade’ experiment. He loved the way the raisins sank to the bottom then came to the top covered in bubbles only to go down yet again.

Jake fascinated by lemonade and raisins

P.S.  I’ve posted the recipe for the delicious Tunisian Almond and Orange Cake on my Recipe page. Hover over the Recipe header to see the menu of recipes.


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Perranporth, Sea Treasures and The Treggies

1  Part of Mikki’s birthday weekend was to walk along the beach at Perranporth. The tide was going out and there really were 3 miles of golden, almost untouched sand  to walk on. We went right to the far end and it was wonderful!

2  On our way back we walked at the high tide line noticing so many beautiful things and I collected lots more little treasures for my ‘washed up’ collection.

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3  My turn to host the Treggies’ Sunday singing session – it was a good one. The neighbours loved hearing us through the walls!

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Sunshiney Day, Readers around the World and Birthday Dinner

1  The most glorious sunny Spring day today so we went garden shopping for the new patch at the back, more Spring bulbs, a dark red leaved Berberis that will have white hawthorn-like flowers and then beautiful berries for the birds in the winter, a big piece of trellis. I just love the way rain droplets collect in Lupin leaves!

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2  Wordpress have just added a feature that shows where in the world people are reading your blog. I was quite astounded  to see that my blog has been read in 24 countries over the last 10 days!

3  Our oldest daughter, Mikki, is visiting this weekend to celebrate her birthday with us which is lovely. We haven’t seen her since Christmas.

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Mincepies, Mini Christmas and Silly Games.

Giving out the presents

1  I spent a busy and productive morning making mountains of mincepies of all sizes and  many, many mini sausage rolls and cheesy whirls.

2  Our lovely eldest daughter has come home today to be with us just overnight so we’ve had a mini Christmas afternoon, exchanging presents. Jake made a splendid present deliverer. Dinner in Mikki’s honour was the wonderful Flemish Beef.

3  Just as we were finishing our meal, Daniel, our lovely son rang up from Barcelona. He’ll be in Senegal for Christmas with his fiancee, Ami. He must have heard the toast to him and Ami we had just made!    We are about to sit around now with our mulled wine and play games, both grandchildren being safely tucked up.

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