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Six on Saturday – Hannah and the Tulips

Storm Hannah came in overnight and though I first though the tulips had survived, they were a little the worse for wear so we decided to cut our losses and cut them for indoors. Thanks to the suggestion from Nancy of Spirit Lights The Way

1.  Tulips Click on any photo for detail.

2.  The Edible Garden

In fact, we have lots of edible bits in our garden including the veggie boxes and the herbs but this trough has herbs and edible flowers as well as salads right by the kitchen door. I have planted up all the little plug plants that we bought at a local nursery.  The tiles at the back are Victorian from a fireplace in the house I lived in when I was five years old. Mum collected them when the fire place was changed and I love them. They show various land based tasks like seed sowing and scything.

Beautiful rows

3. Clematis

We have three spots in the garden with Clematis Montana Elizabeth . This one is growing up an old tree stump near the back shed and the scent is gorgeous. We can smell it from the arbour which is just across the way.

Montana Elizabeth up the shed

4. Twin Tulips

Most of our Tulips are over but this pair recently turned up in the tubs that held the purple and white ones. It’s an oddity.

Twin Tulips

5.  The Geum  in the curved wall is bringing wonderful pops of colour where all the Spring bulbs are now finished.

Geum – Flames of Passion

6.   A treat

We treated ourselves to two fabulous plants the other day, two Scilla that are already quite startling in their beauty. I love the colour. They are in a bed where Agapanthus will appear later in the season.

Scilla – Caribbean Jewels

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Six on Saturday – Spring is on its way

Colour is appearing all over the garden. It pleases me greatly when the Tete a Tete  in the Three Wise Monkeys wall planter burst into flower soon to be joined by Muscari. The planter was made just for me by a local sculptor and I love it in all seasons.

Tete a Tete

Crocuses are appearing around the wall garden, some orange and some purple.


The Snowdrops please me the most at this time of year. They survived last week’s snow and are still going strong.


The Marguerites haven’t stopped flowering since I planted them early last Summer. They really are troopers! I love the swirly pattern in the middle.


The Skimmia has had its bright pink buds  all Winter and I look forward to the buds bursting into their beautiful pale pink. This glaring pink is definitely not a favourite!

Skimmia Japonica

Iris Reticulata are another favourite. They are so delicate and appear before their leaves so really stand out. They will soon be replaced by Muscari.  We have them in a pot underneath a Cornus whose buds are showing already. I hope we have no more harsh weather or the buds may be lost.

Iris reticulata

Do visit The Propagator’s blog at to find out how to join in and to get links to blogs all over the world with news about gardens.


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