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Lily, Camellia and Supper

Down at the allotment today to check on the planted onions and nearby was a beautiful lily.

Camellias are even more lovely as they are dying and fading.

Another delicious, new veggie meal this evening, Root Vegetable Boulangere, enough here for two dinners. It’s another Tom Kerridge recipe..


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Pendennis Castle, Fritillaria and Street Art

Yesterday we met dear friends for breakfast at the Gylly Cafe and going back to the car, caught this view of the castle through the park.

The gorgeous chequerboard Fritillaria Meleagris are coming into bloom.

Still the news is full of the bravery and resistance of the Ukrainians.


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Allotment, Kindness and A Good Read

Before we knew that the lovely Mr S would be getting his new knee in February, we planted green manure in three of our beds at the lottie with the intention of digging it all in in the Spring.  Today, lovely friends from the allotment community have helped us – one dug over the three plots and  then sent us the photo and another helped with weeding the bed where we have now lifted the last of our leeks. Thank you to them both for their kindness and thoughtfulness.

Another friend lent me a book she thought I would enjoy – and I did. It is a beautiful story of unexpected friendships, dark secrets and the aftermath of grief, told with tenderness and humour. Thank you, H.  .


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Rhododendron, Carrots and A Burger

This creamy rhododendron is enormous!

Buying the veg today at our wonderful greengrocer’s in town, theses lovely little carrots caught my eye.

I made Tom Kerrdge’s Mexican Spicy Bean Burgers tonight – delicious but very messy to eat!

Thinking about Ukrainians



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Mother’s Day, Beauty and Spring Warmth

Sent by a friend

by Viktor Zaretsky of Ukraine

Charles Dickens


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Narcissi, Tulips and Magnolia

We have a lovely blue and yellow pot of grape hyacinths and scented narcissi – they are so lovely to put one’s nose into!

The tulips are flowering several weeks early.

After getting our boosters (4th vaccinations) we called in at a local garden to see the magnolias blossoms, just glorious.

top of a tree


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Patterns, Swans and Singing for Ukraine

While we waited for the broker who is going to sell our boat for us, I enjoyed looking at the patterns made by the  reflections of masts in the water at the quayside.

Wriggly masts in reflection

No cygnets today, just the parents who mate for life.

I haven’t been going to my choir, Suitcase Singers, in Penryn for a number of reasons. Yesterday they recorded this traditional Ukrainian folk song, Zelenje zhyto, zelene transcribed by Natalie Nowyytzki, directed by Claire Ingleheart  At times like this, it is so hard to know what to do but we can always sing and use our voices in solidarity.


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Onions, Allotment and A Sunflower

Here are the last few of the onions we grew last year. We are going to have to buy for a few months until the ones planted today, more than last year,  are ready for harvest.

Last of last summer’s harvest

Heat treated sets arrived by post

Planted out today

For Ukraine



Wallflowers, Narcissi and Toads

It has been a gloriously sunny day.

Thought you might also like the reason for a road in London being closed….

Road in London Closes for Nearly a Month to Protect Migrating Toads as They Hop to the Other Side




Spring Flowers, Lentil Ragu and Courage

Not usually a fan of pink, I really like these pink tulips with the blue of the muscari.


A couple of days ago when I posted about the delicious lemon cake, JR commented about another of Rachel Roddy’s recipes and I looked it up, Tagliatelle with lentil and mushroom ragu. It also sounded delicious and came with the recommendation from a friend so I made it for this evening – truly scrumptious.

Watch: Ukrainian girl who sang ‘Let It Go’ in a bomb shelter performs national anthem at packed charity concert


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