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Singing, A Visitor and Peace

What a joy! I went back to choir today and, of course it was wonderful to be singing in harmony with The Ingleheart Singers again. Here is Daisies White, a beautiful lullaby, recorded for you this afternoon.  We are told that the song came to us ‘as taught by Suzannah Park who learned the song from her mother.’

While we were singing the rain was hammering down and a small dog came in to join us in the Eco Barn. I missed him while he seemed to be listening to Claire but he posed in the doorway just long enough for me.

Little visitor

I long for peace as do so many in this disturbed world.



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Sunflowers, Posters and A Song

Sunflowers  are the National Flowers of Ukraine.

This story is being told now in Ukraine and around the world.
. . . Since Russia first unleashed undeserved war on Ukraine this week, remarkably brave elderly Ukrainian women have been watching for invading soldiers on foot in their villages  and are offering each of these (mostly young) Russian soldiers handfuls of Sunflower Seeds ~ saying,
“Here Russian Soldier! Put these sunflower seeds in your pockets so that when you die here in our invaded land more of our beautiful sunflowers will grow where you lie.”
Our town is brightening up all the time and in preparation for St Piran’s Day next week these posters have filled up a wall.
Gary Brooker of Procol Harum died last week. A Whiter Shade of Pale  is an anthem of our time and was written in 1967 the year the lovely Mr S and I were married, just 10 months after meeting. We wanted the piece played for us to walk out after the ceremony but the organist refused!


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Jimi Hendrix and A Poem

A friend reminded me of this beautiful poem today. It seems right for our troubled times as we all watch Ukraine with trepidation.

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Eggs, Yellow and Scarlet

Opening the door this morning I found that the egg-man had been!

Thank you M.

I found an hour to go to the allotment this afternoon as the sun was shining and actually warm on my back. I was there to do some weeding, general tidying and to cut down the very successful green manure we have had in three beds. I was delighted to find my lovely Tete a Tete looking lovely and near them a kind fellow allotmenteer had left us some tiny strawberry plants.

We don’t like Chard to eat but I love the colours in the sunshine – on someone else’s plot.



Evening Sky, Kindness and Colours

Last evening as I drew the curtains, the sky was delicate shades of lilac, turquoise, pink and blue with the silhouettes of branches and the telegraph pole in the foreground.

We had a message this morning asking if we would like some home-made soup delivered in time for lunch. Of course, we accepted this thoughtful and kind offer from M, allotment friends and enjoyed our delicious and nourishing  Veg  and black bean soup. Thank you so much.

Another friend brought some daffodils round last week and they are still gorgeous. I realised that , against the blue cloth, they are the colours of the Ukraine flag. My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine.



Two Views and A Poem

I love this time of year when standing in the hall on a sunny morning I have two views of the Tete a Tete in the garden, one through the kitchen to the back garden and one through the dining room window to the wall garden outside the kitchen.

Down the hallway through the kitchen, long zoom

From the same point in the hallway, through the dining room

The following lovely poem came my way today and I asked the poet if I could use it here tonight. Thank you, Becky, for allowing me to share it with my readers. . Always listen to the trees and ‘breathe.’ There’s a wonderful tree in Trelissick Gardens that we and friends like to hug. I shall be very glad to get there again in a couple of months.

By Becky Hemsley


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Today, Palindromes and Ambigrams


It amuses me that my initials are also palindromic and ambigramic!


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Squirrel, Dandelions and A Gift

The wild winds that Eunice brought took down our bird feeder so our resident squirrel doesn’t need to climb the pole at the moment. He is using our sculpture Fledgling as a staging post.

I like the sunny colour of dandelions and they are the first pollinators in our gardens.

One of the lovely Mr S’s birthday presents was a beautifully blooming Erysimum, a perennial wallflower that has the most glorious scent. The flowers are a pretty shade  of lilac and today I spotted a yellow one just opened.


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Swan Family

A very skilled photographer friend has given me permission to share this remarkable photograph with you all.

“Zealously guarded by both parents, the proud father leading the way, five Mute Swan cygnets go for their evening walk around Swanpool Lake, near Falmouth. Sometimes it’s much easier to use the pavement”

Thanks, Kris.


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Joy, Happiness and Double Delight

Some of my Dear Readers may remember ClothKitty. I made her some 40 years ago and early in November 2021 made her some more clothes so that she could go to Spain along with a Wild Thing to live with LiveWires nos 5 and 6. I packed them up with some of the books we had read over video calls during lockdown. I made another parcel just of books, all books that had been passed down from our four to the LiveWires – everything secondhand or well used.

Well, one parcel of books arrived but the family were charged €18 to accept it, Brexit and customs being to blame.  The second parcel containing the toys and books was held by customs demanding some crazy fee and then eventually was ‘returned to sender.’  I quite thought that ClothKitty and her pal were lost forever but today, February 19th 2022,  they turned up!

I have been quite sad about losing ClothKitty, not just for herself, a member of our family for 40+ years but I had also tucked in a little blanket crocheted by my Granny 70+ years ago for my dolls. Also irreplaceable were the little duvet and pillow made by my Mum for one of our girl’s dolls and the duvet cover and pillow case that I had made with Senegalese fabric left over from the dress made for me in Senegal when the LiveWires’ parents married.

I think you can imagine my delight when the parcel was delivered today!

My double delight came when our son called from Barcelona to say they have booked tickets to visit at Easter! We have said that they need to keep space and weight in their luggage to take everything home with them. It will be so much better to actually see their little faces when they are given ClothKitty and the Wild Thing and we can cuddle up and read to them properly!
I am over the moon!


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