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St Brigid, A Poem and Happiness Calendar

My lovely SIL told us –
“Today, as well as being the lovely Mr S’s birthday and operation day,  is St. Brigid’s Day.  She’s the “female St. Patrick” – another patron saint for Ireland, as well as for all manner of places, people, and professions – a very busy saint. But on the eve of her day, she travels about and if you leave a piece of clothing or fabric outdoors, she will bless it as she passes by. It then becomes a powerful charm for curing illness and for healing. Since Cornwall is a Celtic country, I’m sure she also gets around there on the night of January 31, and will no doubt pass your house, especially since she and Mr S share a day. I thought you might like to put out something of his to be blessed and help him in his recovery. Just a suggestion….. ”
Just a suggestion which I thought I’d take up. No sign that St Brigid stopped by but who knows?  I put out a hat that had been knitted some years ago by said SIL.

Hat beside the first of our new Narcissi Arctic Bell

Today’s poem celebrates St Brigid too.

Page 1

page 2

As it is the first of the month, here is this month’s Happiness Calendar. If you’d like a bigger copy, just click on the Happiness page. . 


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