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Joy, Happiness and Double Delight

Some of my Dear Readers may remember ClothKitty. I made her some 40 years ago and early in November 2021 made her some more clothes so that she could go to Spain along with a Wild Thing to live with LiveWires nos 5 and 6. I packed them up with some of the books we had read over video calls during lockdown. I made another parcel just of books, all books that had been passed down from our four to the LiveWires – everything secondhand or well used.

Well, one parcel of books arrived but the family were charged €18 to accept it, Brexit and customs being to blame.  The second parcel containing the toys and books was held by customs demanding some crazy fee and then eventually was ‘returned to sender.’  I quite thought that ClothKitty and her pal were lost forever but today, February 19th 2022,  they turned up!

I have been quite sad about losing ClothKitty, not just for herself, a member of our family for 40+ years but I had also tucked in a little blanket crocheted by my Granny 70+ years ago for my dolls. Also irreplaceable were the little duvet and pillow made by my Mum for one of our girl’s dolls and the duvet cover and pillow case that I had made with Senegalese fabric left over from the dress made for me in Senegal when the LiveWires’ parents married.

I think you can imagine my delight when the parcel was delivered today!

My double delight came when our son called from Barcelona to say they have booked tickets to visit at Easter! We have said that they need to keep space and weight in their luggage to take everything home with them. It will be so much better to actually see their little faces when they are given ClothKitty and the Wild Thing and we can cuddle up and read to them properly!
I am over the moon!


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