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Broad Beans, Sunflowers and White Flowers

We have harvested all our broad beans and frozen lots of them (we’ve eaten lots fresh too.) Some of them were a bit big and tough looking so I took the advice of a lovely fellow allotmenteer, peeled their grey coats off (rather tedious) and made Broad Bean Hummus. It’s delicious and worth the work!

Yesterday we bought a bunch of bright sunny Sunflowers, a bunch which reminds me of some lovely holidays in France where there are fields and fields of glorious yellow. We added the daisy, blown over by the hoolies over the last couple of days, the Verbena  Bonariensis, likewise.

The white flowers are Cosmos and Dahlias from the allotment. Sadly, I’ve had to rescue the last few Cosmos flowers prior to pulling them up. The leaves went silver and then brown, then dead. We’ve grown Cosmos at home for many years and have never had this problem. The ones in the garden now, from the same batch, are still flowering and gorgeous so it’s a puzzle.


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Our Little Guest, Nigella and Clematis

Our little guest plays like a whirling dervish all morning and sleeps soundly all afternoon. Not sure what she does at night…….

The Love-in-a Mist is really lovely this year.

The Clematis over the arch is still blooming well


Nasturtiums, Peace and Embroidery

The Nasturtiums that I planted at the allotment are now romping up the side of the fruit cage.

I came across this brilliant piece today and wish I’d known it when I was teaching.

I have an embroidery project about to start and am taking inspiration from this lovely piece. I don’t think mine will be 3d but I really like the effect here.


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Fiftieth Party, Thali and A Bike

Today is Claire’s birthday and all her pals came together at the Eco park for a thali  and some Irish music, to see her presented with her birthday present and to hear the wonderful speech given by one of her beautiful daughters – just a few photos from a colourful evening full of love.

We had all contributed to Claire’s present, an electric bike, and here she has just been presented with a cardboard cutout and a voucher  so that she can go and choose what she wants.



Treasures Found while Sorting

First in my discoveries  was a wonderful photo, caught up with some modern ones, of my Grandparents in 1919. Here is my Grandfather, the Reverend Richards, on his beloved motorbike and with my Mum on his lap and my very lovely Granny in the sidecar with my Uncle.

Next I found a little book which turned out to be the Manchester University Student Union Handbook the year my Dad was President of the Union..

I love his address to the students where his principles are clearly on show.

Lastly, for today, going through my sewing projects box, I found an unmade Clothkit for dungarees for a 2-4 year old. I never got around to making them but have a lovely young friend with a two year old. I asked her if she might like to make these for her little boy and she was delighted, saying she had grown up wearing Clothkit clothing herself. I am equally delighted to be helping her to carry on the family tradition.

I look forward to seeing A in his smiley lion dungarees……..


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Welly Dog, Sunflower and Dinner Out

Welly Dog looks happy in our meadow.

The Sunflower given to us by Daughter No 3 has its first bright and lovely flower.

Our day was busy and hard work so I booked dinner at our favourite place, The Royal Oak in Perranwell. They have an airy marquee as a dining room extension and that’s where we chose to be. I started the evening with a Cornish gin flavoured with blackberries. It was delicious! That was our first visit in eighteen months though we did collect many take-aways during lockdown. We are so glad they have survived though like many places in Cornwall they are short staffed and working really hard to keep customers happy.



Nasturtiums, Borage and Daisy

Nasturtiums are poking through a neighbour’s hedge.

Winter flowering pansies, still flowering (!) are in my G&T along with some borage, very pretty, such beautiful shades of blue and purple.

The daisies look like poached eggs, this one with some wildlife.


Car, Carvings and G&T

A couple of years ago we went to an excellent day of talks and exhibitions run by Chacewater Community Energy Group. Last year there couldn’t be one but again this year they put on a very informative day. We were very interested in  a Kia e-Nero electric car. They are so expensive! We’d love to have one but will have to wait until second hand ones come into our price range.

The e vehicles exhibition was held in the recreation ground in Chacewater and, in the spirit of the day, we went by bus. There were two lovely tree carvings in the field which is next to the village school.

The lovely Mr S brought me a G&T this evening with a nasturtium and some borage flowers and a few blueberries. Delicious!


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Full Moon, Coffee Shop Cat and Crops

Tonight is the Buck Full Moon but as tonight is expected to be cloudy and last night was clear, I took the photo of the wonderfully big full moon.

We stopped at our favourite coffee shop, Home Ground, this afternoon and were joined by Charlie, the Coffee Shop Cat, a very self assured individual. He reminds me of Orlando the Marmalade Cat, a favourite storybook from my childhood.

After town, we dropped into the allotment to collect the veg for our vegetable curry this evening. But for the courgette , tonight’s blog is almost colour co-ordinated!


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Bouquet, A Shed and Cat’s Eyes

It was our last session for singing with The Suitcase Singers until September  and next week is our lovely choir leader’s half century birthday. To make it special each member of the choir was asked to bring a couple of blooms or greenery from their garden so that we could put together a more personal bunch than one from a shop. The resulting bouquet was absolutely amazing, full of colour and scent and most of all, full of our love for Claire

Thanks to Mandy Rolleston for this photo. There’s a new shed at the allotment and it is gorgeous!

Coming back up Church Lane after watering and harvesting this evening, we met a new cat. Just look at its eyes!



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