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Found on the way down Church Lane….


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Day Off No 3

Squashes given to us ripening in the sunshine.

Hope to back on form tomorrow.


Day Off No 2

Our Nelly Moser clematis is having a second flush. Here’s one of the blooms.


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Day Off

Just a pretty Gladiolus for you today, from the allotment.


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Dessert, A Gift and Pie

After a lovely day yesterday, we cooked dinner together –  Duck Confit which is our go-to celebration meal. Our dessert was a glass of Lime Cheesecake mixed with layers of ginger biscuits – delicious!

Very dear friends came for coffee and cake in the garden this morning, N&G and G’s 102 year old Mum, Ti. We had a lovely time chatting in the sunshine. It’s a long time since we were all together and plan on doing it again very soon. They brought us a box of goodies for our Anniversary, full of homegrown and homemade  treats, absolutely delightful.

With the leftover duck from last night, I made Duck and Lentil pie.The first time we ate this amazing pie was in Tournon D’Agenais in the South West of France where we had rented a gite.   That was where we first developed our taste for confit duck, now a very favourite dinner.

Duck and Lentil Pie


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Wedding Anniversary – 54 Years Together

What a lovely day! First, a lazy breakfast with an exchange of cards which started the day with gales of laughter!

We had bought each other the same card!

After a delicious salad lunch with a very pretty tomato, a gift from Sue-next-door, we went to visit friends for a catch up in their field and that was a lot of fun.  We had to leave rather early as we had a booking for a Cornish Cream Tea at The Meudon Hotel.

We walked off our delicious scones with jam and cream by walking through the valley to the beach. Join us – it’s like a magical jungle at the moment.


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Church, Chilli and Blue

Breakfast with our friends this month was at the cafe in Mylor – excellent menu and a well placed outdoor table with a view of the marina and a fresh sea breeze.  After breakfast we walked about the fascinating churchyard about which you can read more here.

Mylor Church

Our chilies are reddening!

Hydrangeas are glorious around Cornwall at the moment, especially the blue ones.



Sadness, Butterfly and Nearly Full Moon

I am feeling really sad this evening having heard of the death of Charlie Watts, drummer of the Rolling Stones.  This article touched me as he is remembered by so many musicians and others.. Down at the Lottie tonight I found myself in tears. Who knew that a Stone could ever die?

Looking in a nearby nursery for a replacement plant for a very untidy Tree Heather, we were taken by White Buddleia, the butterfly bush, when one landed and stayed long enough to have its photo taken.

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly

I finally got a picture of the full moon, a day late so not quite full,  but still very lovely.


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Full Moon, St Michael’s Mount and Fledglings

Last night was a full moon, a very special one. The full moon in August has many names as told to me by my SIL -Green Corn Moon, Drying Up Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Black Cherries Moon, Fruit Moon, and Flying Up Moon (the month when baby birds fledge.)
It is special because the full moon on August 22 is a seasonal blue moon.  Unlike the well-known calendrical blue moon, the second full moon to occur in a calendar month, the seasonal blue moon occurs when a season has four full moons in it instead of the usual three.  In that case it’s the 3rd full moon (not the 4th as you might expect) which is the seasonal blue moon.  After this month’s, the next seasonal blue moon will be August 30, 2023.
A local photographer with a very special talent has given me permission to share his photos of the night before and of the full moon last night, both taken from Long Rock overlooking St Michael’s Mount. Thank you, Kris Meaden, for allowing me to show my readers these remarkably beautiful photos.

My favourite, and that of my dear SIL, of all the many names for this month’s full moon is Flying Up Moon especially as our feeders have been full of young fledglings.


Bird Watching, Eryngium and Callianthus

The birds have been busy today in the sunshine. The Eryngium are finished being blue but I do like how they die and the Callianthus are coming into their own.


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