Broad Beans, Sunflowers and White Flowers

31 Jul

We have harvested all our broad beans and frozen lots of them (we’ve eaten lots fresh too.) Some of them were a bit big and tough looking so I took the advice of a lovely fellow allotmenteer, peeled their grey coats off (rather tedious) and made Broad Bean Hummus. It’s delicious and worth the work!

Yesterday we bought a bunch of bright sunny Sunflowers, a bunch which reminds me of some lovely holidays in France where there are fields and fields of glorious yellow. We added the daisy, blown over by the hoolies over the last couple of days, the Verbena  Bonariensis, likewise.

The white flowers are Cosmos and Dahlias from the allotment. Sadly, I’ve had to rescue the last few Cosmos flowers prior to pulling them up. The leaves went silver and then brown, then dead. We’ve grown Cosmos at home for many years and have never had this problem. The ones in the garden now, from the same batch, are still flowering and gorgeous so it’s a puzzle.


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