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Eight Hundred Trees!

What a wonderful morning! The sun shone, the rain held off though the bitter wind still blew and we have been with friends, their friends and neighbours and we have planted 800 trees! Nicky and Gavin had organised an amazing event called Trees and Bowls to bring people together to plant the trees in their field at blanket Farm.  Between us, we have planted Sessile and English Oak, Downy and Silver Birch, Sweet Chestnut, Hazel, Hawthorn,  Beech and Gean Cherry. There are others too but I cannot remember what they all are. The trees have been planted in glades and with paths, in same groups and mixed. So many people turned up, they were all planted by lunchtime!

We then all went indoors for truly scrumptious soup, all homemade, and delicious donated bread, in the bowls lovingly crafted  by Nicky and Jude, sold in aid of Falmouth and Penryn Welcome Refugee Families. The glass trees I have been showing you recently were all made to be sold at the same event, also in aid of the local Refugee charity.

What a beautiful thing to do – to make a forest for the future. We are in awe and delighted to have been a part of it. The happy and smiley community in the fields showed everyone’s enthusiastic pleasure  at being involved. There was a sense of determination, too, in everyone, aged from 7 to 101 to plant trees to do our bit to save the planet.  Please enjoy the gallery and click the photos to enlarge the picture and read the captions that will tell you the greater story.

Just had an update as we were writing this post – 875 trees planted, 85 bowls sold, £1055 raised for the Refugee families.

Gavin, Nicky, Ti and Kaja

Six years ago the first part of woodland was planted.


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Dinner with Friends

We’ve had a delightful evening with friends.
Dinner started with a delicious salad starter of Roasted Carrot, Lentil and Rocket Salad,  the main course was a Sicilian Squash and Chickpea casserole with a Rainbow Couscous and the dessert a Pear, Apple and Ginger Crisp with Custard. It all went down very well indeed!

Roasted Carrot, Lentil and Rocket Salad

Sicilian Chickpea and Squash Casserole

Rainbow Couscous


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Spring Flowers in our Garden

I left my camera at home today!We went to Falmouth on a very beautiful, bright Spring day. The water was all shades of blue and St Makes looked amazing in the sunshine. Such a joy to have a wonderfully sunny day and blue skies after months of rain, wind and gloom!  Here are a couple of photos from yesterday of our garden. They were taken for my garden records rather than to post but they are quite pretty!


A Christmas Carol, Pancakes and Buds

I have never looked closely at one of the books, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, I inherited from my folks. Today I did and was delighted to find the dedication , a paper cutting and the delightful illustrations by Arthur Rackham. Enjoy the gallery.

I made so many pancakes yesterday that there were some leftover for Crepes Suzettes today.

There are lots of strikingly pink buds and some much paler open flowers on the Clematis Armandii.

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Cherry Tree, Blossom and Pancake Day

We have a lovely Cherry tree down our road too and there is still some blossom that the rain and wind have not managed to dislodge. Look closely and you may see the Primroses and Crocuses in this pretty Spring garden.

Close up, the blossom was even more beautiful.

It’s Pancake Day so, as we always do, we have had Savoury Stuffed Pancakes, this year with chicken and mushrooms – delicious!


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Cherry Blossom and Caring

Okame Cherry

Okame Cherry

My lovely Sister-in-law sent me a photo of the Cherry trees at the end of their road in Atlanta and I thought I would share it.They have had lots of rain there too and the  rain-beaten blossom lies on the ground as a colourful carpet.

Last week was Random Acts of Kindness week. Every  week  should  be as this Peanuts cartoon suggests.



Sheet, Angel and Trees and Extra Photos

More sorting and time to let a little cot sheet go. It was used for all four of ours starting in 1973!

Back to St Day Old (roofless!) Church this evening for more amazing lasers and light show and a set from The Ingleheart Singers which was enormous fun and very well received by the audience.

I’ve now made eight small trees for next weekend and one Tree of Life which I love so much, I may not sell it!

Tree of Life

A lovely photographer friend has just sent me her photos from tonight. Now you can see how wonderful the light display has been over the three evenings.

Photo credits to Mandy Rolleston with thanks.


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Cornish Road Sign

We were in an unfamiliar lane today and came across this delightful sign to the railway station. I love the pointy fingers too.


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The Gallery, Snowdrops and A Light Show

I’ve had my day in the gallery, Fannie and Fox, today. In between customers, I managed to foil up some new pieces, two small trees and a Tree of Life. All ready to solder…….

There is a wonderful large piece in the gallery, Snowdrops, by Amanda Richardson.  I love it and its frame.

Tonight we went to see the light show in St Day, the DiaspAURA show. The light projections on the old church were beautiful but impossible to capture with my camera. Here are three small light boxes from inside the roofless Church.


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Invictus Trust, Eggs and Mini Eggs

My choir, The Suitcase Singers, collects for two charities each year. This year our local one has been The Invictus Trust, a Cornish charity set up to help youngsters with mental health problems. Please do click on the red link to read more about one family’s wonderful work in memory of their son and brother.

When their hens are laying, we get delicious fresh eggs from our Dear friends, today in a delightful 4 eggs container.

It was a day for a treat, some mini-eggs!


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