Daily Archives: February 5, 2020

Tyres, Crocuses and Glass Trees

After a wonderful session singing at the Eco Park this morning, I spotted these brightly painted tyres as I was leaving. I’m sure they will all be planted up before too long

In a first for February, our lawn needed mowing today! As he was busy, the lovely Mr S realised that some crocuses had planted themselves in the middle and called me out to see a surprise.

I put donated/discarded jewellery on all my glass pieces (which are all made from reclaimed or rescued glass) and today I have added Cherry Blossom to one of my trees and an owl to the other. There are three more in the making…..   These are all being made for 29th February when we will be joining in the planting of 800 trees and raising money for a Refugee charity.


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