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Sculpture, Wedding and Snowman

Going on the bus this afternoon from Canovelles to Granollers we passed a couple of people sculptures. I loved this one of a girl reading by the bus stop in Canovelles. I took the photo through the bus window.

In the centre of Granollers, near the Christmas market, we heard lots of cheering and realised that a wedding had just taken place in the rather lovely council offices.

By the time we returned to Canovelles, it was dark and the delightful Snowmen were lit up on each Main Street into town.

By the way, we had a very skilled interpreter with us helping with all our shopping – our eight year old Granddaughter, the oldest of our Livewires who speaks five languages! She grew up with Wolof, started school in Senegal being taught in French, met D who became her Daddy so she learned English and now lives in Spain where she can now speak both Spanish and Catalan. She is learning Italian from her Uncle!


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Sunset at Phoenix Airport


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From Sedona to Phoenix

Another early start as we had to drop off the rental car by 10.30. I love the cacti, the like of which we see only in Westerns, along this route, every decorated bridge along the highway and the swimming pool on the roof of our hotel where we can watch planes taking off!


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Sedona Sunrise to Sunset and Peace Tour 2

An early start for a busy day of petroglyphs at V Bar V Heritage site, a lake at Montezuma Well, Montezuma Castle – all sites linked to the Sinagua people in these places around 1100-1400. Do look them up, just fascinating. Then on to The Labyrinth and later a stroll around Sedona and sunset. I wish we had a whole week here, there is so much to see and we have too little time!

Here a mountain lion is attacking a deer.

This lake is a limestone sink hole and fed by continuously flowing springs. This gorgeous lizard was sunning himself on one of the rocks nearby. Just look at his toes and the wonderful colours.

This is a five storey, twenty room dwelling 100 feet above the valley built by Sinaguan farmers sometime between 1100 and 1300. Remarkable!

I walked this lovely labyrinth and as I did, a dove landed on the poles of the tepee and stayed there all the time I was walking.
I shall have to devote a post to the artwork around Sedona. I have never seen a town so full of delightful sculptures and wall paintings. Sunset was less spectacular than the other night but beautiful in a different way.


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Lichens and Other Loveliness

Our hike today was along the Widforss Trail, again through woodland to spectacular views.

Tomorrow we leave The Grand Canyon for Tuba City, an overnight  stop as we go to Sedona, calling in on an old friend in Flagstaff whom we haven’t seen for 35 years! Happy dayside!


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Swifts, a Poem for Our Times

A good friend sent me this poem by Kim Ridgeon which I found very apt for our ‘troubled times’ and very moving. 

We must have hope in the darkness, must love and live and above all, be kind to those we know and to those strangers whom we pass in the street and those whom we meet. Think about the Swifts.  Thank you Kim for this. 

We went to a beautiful and life affirming wedding yesterday and will post some photos when I have solved how to get the photos out of my camera! I didn’t have a memory card and recorded direct to the camera……


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