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Fathers, Brine and L R Knost

It was on this day in 2004 that my lovely Dad died and he has been in my mind and my heart more than usual today. The following cutting was found by my Mum many, many years ago and clearly made her think of her Father, my Grandfather, The Rev W R Richards, whom I knew for only a couple of years when we lived in the Vicarage in Cockerham, Lancashire with him and my Granny.dscn9591

If only – my lovely Dad was a very wise man.

The turkey is sitting in the brine I made yesterday. Isn’t it a beautiful colour?dscn9580

These words from L R Knost touched me.peace


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 A letter to children with rheumatoid arthritis 

I don’t usually reblog but this is such a beautiful, sensitive and moving piece of writing from Mamamifsud that I thought my readers would also appreciate it. Stay strong,K. 🙂

You've gotta have Gumption....

Hey you. I see you, with your cheeky smile and wise eyes. First things first I want you know that everything is going to be ok. You will need to be brave a lot and learn to be strong, but you will be ok.

I expect lots of things are changing right now, you are up and down to the hospital lots and miss school. You probably have to take lots of medicines that make you feel sick and tired and have nurses poking you with their sharp scratchy sticks. You think about your friends and all the fun you think they are having and probably wish it would all just go away and things could just be normal again. They will be. You are just going to have to find a new normal my angel.

I was once your age you know. I was that sick child, like you…

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