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Mothers’ Day, Narcissus and Clematis Armandii

1   What a lovely day – cards, flowers and calls for Mother’s Day from our beautiful daughters and Skype with our lovely son and daughter-in-law in Barcelona. I feel very lucky indeed to have such loving people in my life.It has also been a day to remember my own wise and wonderful Mum and all that she taught me.

2   This beautiful Narcissi has bloomed  in the sunshine and showers of the last few days. Please see the P.S.



3      We have just five Clematis Armandii flowers, better than none at all!

Clematis Armandii

Clematis Armandii

P.S. I send these flowers to all my female friends out there in the ether with this beautiful post from a friend, P, showing such care and thoughtfulness.

A message of love and compassion to all friends out there on Mother’s Day who do not have their own children, to friends who are estranged from their children or their mothers and to friends who have lost treasured members of their family ... may you find unconditional love in unexpected places and a healthy channel for your own nurturing and creativity to help make the world around you a place where you feel cared for and are seen and known for who you are. x x


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