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Desert Island Discs, Jelly Babies and A Surprise

1   BBC Radio 4 brought more delights today. The guest on Desert Island Discs was the nurse and humanitarian, Dame Claire Bertschinger, about whom I knew very little. She was fascinating and if you can find the time, I think you would enjoy it too. Here’s the link to the programme.
Apart from hearing about her inspirational life, her choices were very touching for me. There was a verse from Hiawatha, the very verse I learned at primary school and then there was ‘The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God’ which my Dad used to recite to us having learned it at his primary school. I found it so touching because I spent the last seventeen days of my lovely Father’s life in the hospice with him and one day, though very, very ill, he said, “I wonder if I can remember this,’ and went on to recite the whole thing to his and my delight. You can listen to the poem here

Dame Claire Bertschinger BBC photo

Dame Claire Bertschinger –  BBC photo

2   Sometimes only Jelly Babies will do and the lovely Mr S went down to the corner shop to get me some.

My treat

My treat

3    When Mr S came home he found a big cardboard box on the doorstep and inside it were the most beautiful flowers, a present from our youngest daughter for Mothers’ Day, from a Cornish flower grower. I have put them into our lovely amber glass vase that was a wedding present for my Mum and Dad in 1939!

Cornish bouquet

Cornish bouquet


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