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Grateful Bee, Huge Achievement and Happiness

1   The lovely Mr S found a very poorly bee in the garden this morning and brought it in for some TLC. I made a sugar solution and put that and a little caster sugar on a plate in the shade and we put the bee close to the sugar.  After some time I looked again and it seemed to be a little better. I went back again and was just in time to take the photo before it flew strongly away. Brilliant!

2   Today I have been up to our attic! That may sound like an every day sort of thing to do but the ladder, the climb and the flight of stairs just behind me have daunted me until now! We are thinking of doing some sort of conversion up there so I had to steel myself to do it. With sticky palms and a thumping heart I did it –  and I took photos. On a good day from the front, we can see the sea. From the back, we can see Wheal Uny. Now I’ve been up once, I can do it again!

Taken from the back attic window

Taken from the back attic window

3   A friend sent me this ABC of Happiness and I loved it so I’m sharing it with you now.


I especially like H, K, L, S and W. I wonder which ones appeal most to you……..


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Here are a few photos showing Inside. Click on each photo for the caption and more detail.

Have a look here for many more in this interesting Challenge.


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