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Knitting for Peace, Shire Horses YouTube and American Spiced Carrot Cake

1   I have a new project! I heard about Wool against Weapons yesterday and have spent much of the day knitting my first 100cm contribution to seven miles, yes, seven miles of knitting! As a supporter of peace and yarn bombing, this project immediately appealed to me so I sorted out all my pink wools (they don’t mind a bit of other colour) and started! 


If you would like to join me, click on the link above and get knitting!

My pink wools

My pink wools

2   Yesterday, I made a video of the beautiful Shire horses ploughing in The Lost Gardens of Heligan and I’ve uploaded it to YouTube. It sounds a bit windy but you can see how it works and see the turfs being turned over.   Here’s the link.

3  I made some delicious American Spiced Carrot Cakes, some for us and some for my good friend whom I am to visit on Tuesday.

Carrot cakes ready to bake

Carrot cakes ready to bake


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