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St David’s Day, St Piran’s Parade and Spring

1   In the week we have been away, lots of our daffodils have bloomed so as I opened the curtains on this  St David’s Day morning,  there they were to greet me and to celebrate my Welsh heritage. Happy St David’s Day to my family, my Welsh friends and all my Welsh readers.

2    St Piran’s Day is on 5th March but is being celebrated in our town, and many other towns and villages in Cornwall, today. You can find the legend of St Piran, the Patron Saint of Tinners and of Cornwall, here.There has been a parade, Cornish music and food, the shops are decorated with the black and white flag and with daffodils to mark St David’s Day too and the celebrations will be going on all day and evening. As Cornish tinners went all over the world to work and to share their expertise, so this day is celebrated all over the world. Do let me know if there is an event near you.   Click on any photo for the bigger version.
Happy St Piran’s Day to all my Cornish friends and family here and all over the world.

The Lamb is part of the Lamb and Flag emblem is used by Redruth Town Council as the emblem for the town. It was originally a mark used by Cornish tin smelting works to stamp the ingots of tin.

Very special cake

Very special cake in the bakery window

3    Walking back from the parade, Spring was all around – warm sunshine, bird song and blossom.

Blossom and crocuses

Blossom and crocuses


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