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Kumu Raylene Kawaiaea

My sister, Daisy Priya Lucas, who lives in Hawaii, is an artist.She has recently completed this beautiful pastel of a beautiful and much loved elder of Hawaii, Kumu Raylene Kawaiaea. Daisy has given me permission to use her work as one of my beautiful things today. You can see another of her pieces in this post.

kumu Raylene, painting 1 Mahalo 2 mahalo3


“Kumu Raylene Kawaiaea, also known as Raylene Lancaster, was a beloved elder, revered kumu hula (traditional dance teacher) and a cultural consultant and preserver who lived in North Kohala, Hawaii. She was a teacher at Queen Liliuokalani Children’s Center and a practitioner of the ancient Hawaiian art of reaching agreement or “making things right” called Ho’oponopono. She took part in numerous community events and her presence was sought after for blessings and dedications to new buildings and organizations. Kumu Raylene Kawaiaea died at age 61 from a car accident. She is remembered as a beautiful individual whose love and wisdom touched many on the island of Hawaii and beyond. It is said that any person who stood before her felt worthy and loved – the true meaning of “Aloha.”

Do have a look at this video about this beautiful woman.

Thank you so much, Daisy, for sharing your work and for the link to the videos. Kumu  Raylene sounds like a remarkable and wonderful woman. I wish I could have met her. You capture her essence in this beautiful portrait.

PS 24 February 2015  I have removed the pictures on the request of Chyenne, the Granddaughter of Kumu Raylene whose comment you can read below. I fully respect her wishes and am very sorry for any offence caused.

PS  16th July 2015   My sister has gained the family’s permission for her beautiful paintings to be shown here.


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