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Magic, New Cake and Another Sunset Walk

I read a recipe at the weekend that sounded utterly sublime and so I made it today. It tastes as good as I thought it would. It is one of Thomasina Miers’, called Raspberry Meringue Sponge Cake. Her introduction says, “It’s a stunner….  Bake it this weekend and share slices with neighbours,…. Happy cooking.” and we did, with Sue-next-door..

Our sunset walk was lovely this evening, past our favourite old Oak Tree and up the hill for views of Carn Brea and the sea.


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The Last Few Busy Days

We arrived home on Wednesday evening and went straight to the sea.


We spent Thursday unpacking etc. On Friday morning we went to stand with the Youth strike for the Climate in Truro

The Red Rebels

……..  and in the evening to a splendid Sing and Supper at Mount Pleasant Eco Park with friends.

The delicious menu

Saturday saw us in Truro again for International Peace Day and taking part in a flashmob in Truro Cathedral. The following video  gives a flavour of the wonderful event.

Today I have made my first Christmas angel of the season out of Victorian window glass and some pretty beads I picked up while away.This afternoon we have been blackberry picking and got caught in a drenching storm and this afternoon ……..

Water rushing down the hill

….. I have made a blackberry cake, Thomasina Miers’ Spiced Blackberry and Brown Sugar Crumble Cake and so – we are home! More about our adventures in later posts.


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Print Tray, Treasures and Cheesecake

I have spent the morning finding little treasures collected over so many years and have put them in the print tray. They may well be moved again!

My print tray filled or nearly

My print tray filled or nearly

Here I have some of Mum’s thimbles, the ones most associated with Cornwall – two showing engine houses, an ivory one from early 1900’s bought in Redruth in 1981, two made especially for Mum, one in Granite and one in Serpentine and one with a Welsh dragon on it to show my Welsh heritage. There is one of a collection of small brass owls (The owl was the logo of our family – the Wisemen) and three of my keys. I started collecting keys when I was in Primary school but can’t remember where each one came from. There is a tiny green glass bottle that used to hold iodine and which still has the chemist’s label on it. It is from Lytham where my Granny lived her last few years. There is also a pressed Parrot flower brought home from a holiday in Morocco.  Five more segments to show you at a later date………



At the weekend there was a delicious recipe in the paper – Baked Pumpkin Cheese cake by Thomasina Miers. Mine is still in the oven as I write so here is the picture of hers. I hope mine turns out as well!

Baked Pumpkin Cheesecake

Baked Pumpkin Cheesecake


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