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Party, Anemones and Christmas Tree

1   What a lovely way to spend a day! First singing all our favourites with The Suitcases then off all together for our Christmas lunch which was delightful.

Suitcases singing 'Oxygen'

Suitcases singing ‘Oxygen’

2    These anemones are grown locally and are the first of this season. I love their jewel colours, the fact that they were my Mum’s favourite flowers and that I always put them in a brass bowl that was hers – all seem just right somehow.

Cornish Anemones

Cornish Anemones

3   This afternoon we decorated the tree, very simply this year, just lights and all things red – baubles, boxes and crackers.

Sparkling lights on the tree

Sparkling lights on the tree


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Change – What a Difference a Tide Makes

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Lifted Spirits, Struggling Swans and Fading Beauty

1  For a number of reasons, I was late to singing this morning and as soon as I approached the room and could hear the gorgeous harmonies of “Lo, the Eastern Sages Rise”, one of our glorious carols, my spirits were lifted. Then I joined in and of course, my spirits soared even more along with the music!  Everyone should sing!  I know some of my readers will say, “But I can’t!”   Bear in mind this Zimbabwean proverb –  ‘If you can walk, you can dance and if you can talk, you can sing.’

2   It has been a wild, wild day and these elegant swans were doing their best in the rough water but barely moving.

Swans on the Penryn River

3    I love the fading beauty of these anemones.

Beginning to fade

The veins in this one have become more prominent and the centres have gone blue

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American readers!


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The Gas Man, Anemone Jewels and Magic Wool

1    A lovely gas man has spent the day with us as he has been tracing the gas leak that we smelt last night. He is building his own Eco house and was fascinating to listen to as we waited for the other gas men to arrive to start digging up the front drive to find the source of the leak. The house is now clear but the men were working until 6.30pm, digging in the dark! They have enjoyed the bacon sandwiches and multiple coffees we made for them.

2    The anemones that friends brought us on Friday night have all opened up and are such beautiful rich colours. They remind me of my Mum who particularly loved anemones.

Jewel like anemones

3    Unable to go out or do much else today, I’ve been knitting and sewing up baby cardigans. I love this magic wool that makes its own pattern as I knit.

Back of new cardigan

Baby hoodie ready to sew up


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