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Super Moon

Super moon over Phoenix, also a blue moon

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Bridge, Horse and Flowers

Today we crossed the Tamar Bridge and left Cornwall!

Taken through a very dirty train window on a very misty day

We love seeing the Westbury White Horse from the train.

Taken through a very dirty train window on a very misty day

There are beautiful flower baskets in the village of Stanford where we are spending the night prior to flying to Arizona tomorrow.

Taken through a very dirty train window on a very misty day


Tomatoes and Figs

Such a lot of tomatoes to ripen up!

Our lovely neighbour gave us a fig from her tree and it was truly scrumptious.


Tomato Soup and Strawberry Shortcake

Using as much allotment produce as I can ….. so, today some delicious tomato soup which is now in the freezer.

We’ve been next door for a lovely dinner tonight and I took the pud  – – a Strawberry Shortcake made to my Mum’s recipe.


Day Out

Fifty six years ago were were married in Truro and spent a week in St Ives for our honeymoon.  We have spent our anniversary in Penzance and it was lovely. Here are a few mementoes of the day.



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Another Family Visit

Daughter No 3 visited today with her lovely family including LiveWire 4 and we have had a truly splendid day. We met for lunch at The Blue Bar in Porthtowan, a family favourite, spent several hours at the beach, paddling and making beach art. We spent the next few hours picking tomatoes at the allotment, baking cookies, picking sweetcorn cobs for tea and enjoying a delicious evening meal together.



My Sister, Her Paintings and Words

When we first moved to Cornwall, my kid sister was only 10 weeks old and was christened in the village church in Feock, Cornwall.  It is her birthday today and so this post  is for her, my dear and beautiful artist sister who lives so far away in Hawaii.

Our Mum with her four children on the occasion of the christening of the youngest in 1953. Pill Creek, a creek off the River Fal,  is behind us in the distance.

These are two of her exuberant and gorgeous paintings.

Love to you my precious Sister.


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From Plot to Plate

Yesterday we realised that one of our cauliflowers was ready to eat. Today we cut it – Cauliflower Cheese for supper.

In the ground

Washed and in Mr S’s hands

Cooked and covered with cheese sauce

Crispy, mustardy, cheesy topping



Another Brilliant Harvest

Lots of tomatoes, 1.5kg today,  (and 50 more on the plants), fine green beans, one more patty pan squash and three courgettes – I don’t know how we missed that whopper! It’s so good to eat something in the evening that was growing in the afternoon! Tomato sauce and green tomato chutney are on the to-do list for later in the week.


Beach, Jellyfish and a Spider

Beware arachnophobes – the photo is last so don’t scroll down that far.  No 1 daughter visited today and we had lunch out followed by a walk along the beach, surprisingly un-busy for a warm if cloudy day mid-summer holidays.

Sea colours

I think this is a Compass Jellyfish, about 8″ diameter

Spider alert! Needs id.

Can’t id this spider. It was very flat and in the car (not squashed!) Stripy legs, body about size of fingernail, the back looks like a mask…….

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