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Owl, Puzzle Box and Flowers

We bought our anniversary present in Penzance last week, a lovely carved wooden owl, also a puzzle box.

Only 5″ / 12cms tall

All the puzzle pieces

We’ve cut a garden bouquet for old friends with whom we are having dinner tonight.

From the garden



Day Out

We had to take the car  to the garage having had a recall about its passenger airbag so we drove on from there in my lovely little Beetle to the Duchy Nursery, near Restormel Castle.



First, Last and Cake

I pulled our first leeks from the allotment  for tea tonight and they are delicious, steamed and some put into a white sauce. The others I will put into a soup tomorrow.

Our Sweet peas are all over. These are the very last few flowers brought in to enjoy.

We took a Heligan Pineapple Cake out of the freezer today, ready for a picnic tomorrow.



A Sign, Flags and Sunflower Seeds

While we were away I spotted a sign in a window that amused me.

As we left Newlyn, we passed by the Jubilee Swimming Pool in Penzance where the flags are gorgeous.

The sunflowers in the allotment have such heavy heads of seeds that I have brought one home and put it on the bird feeder pole where the setting sun has lit it up this evening. I hope that our visiting birds will  find the seeds tasty.


Rowers, Child Art and Sculptures

While having our breakfast, we watched the gig rowers going out for their practice.

Later we went back to the art gallery to check the name of the artist who made the huge tapestries and I have updated the page, Cecilia Charlton  The children’s gallery we passed on the way was a delight. I love that the children’s art is appreciated too.

Life is a special occasion and Have a great day!

The sculpture outside is very moving. It  shows a fisherman casting his line as the boat arrives in port. It was built to honour dead fishermen, with over twenty local men having died fishing since 1980. Money was raised for the statue locally and the life-size bronze casting was made by local sculptor, Tom Leaper.

The bronze statue of a fisherman on the edge of Newlyn Green  By Tom Leaper

I also loved the little dragon swallowing a fish that we saw on a nearby rooftop.


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Sculpture Gardens, A Film and A Photo

We spent a lovely morning in the sculpture gardens at Tremenheere, an afternoon by the sea reading and the evening at the cinema  in Newlyn watching ‘I Know Where the Crawdads Sing, a film which stayed beautifully true to the book. I reviewed the novel here.

Rather large banana plant

The pagoda and shadows

Looking up at the Sky Space

View from the top of the gardens

View while we were reading

55 years ago today, in Truro


What a delightful day to celebrate being married for 55 years and knowing each other for 55 years and 10 months.


Newlyn, Art Gallery and Scallops

Enjoy the gallery.  Click on any photo for a larger view and a caption.

The artist who made the tapestries is Cecilia Charlton.


Ukraine and A Pie in a Pan

It is Ukraine’s day of Independence.  Independence Day is always celebrated on August 24th and marks Ukraine’s declaration of independence from the U.S.S.R. in 1991. This year is rather different from previous celebratory events as you could read here if you choose to. We are growing sunflowers and keep Ukraine in our minds and our hearts.

A couple of days ago we watched Jamie’s One Pot Wonders and were very taken with his Fish Pie in a Pan. I have made it this evening and it was as easy as he demonstrated and very tasty and crunchy as he said.
It is also my Dear Kid Sister’s birthday so I am sending all my love to her in Hawaii.

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Soup, A Hat and A Window

Today being Volunteer Tuesday it was all hands to bringing in the onion crop and then a bowl of delicious vegetable soup, made by our younger volunteers using produce from the community garden.

One of the children today was wearing a wonderful hat.

I love this window  with the Community Roots logo painted on it.

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Onions, Shallots and A Poem

We’ve tied up our onion harvest and plaited the shallots, all grown at our allotment – they should last us almost a year.

A friend sent this poem along and I love it.  I just wish I could take the advice.


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