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Rowers, Child Art and Sculptures

While having our breakfast, we watched the gig rowers going out for their practice.

Later we went back to the art gallery to check the name of the artist who made the huge tapestries and I have updated the page, Cecilia Charlton  The children’s gallery we passed on the way was a delight. I love that the children’s art is appreciated too.

Life is a special occasion and Have a great day!

The sculpture outside is very moving. It  shows a fisherman casting his line as the boat arrives in port. It was built to honour dead fishermen, with over twenty local men having died fishing since 1980. Money was raised for the statue locally and the life-size bronze casting was made by local sculptor, Tom Leaper.

The bronze statue of a fisherman on the edge of Newlyn Green  By Tom Leaper

I also loved the little dragon swallowing a fish that we saw on a nearby rooftop.


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