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Daughter No 3 and LiveWire No 4 are visiting tomorrow!  The pie is for a picnic lunch on a coastal walk somewhere and the roasted vegetables will have chicken thighs added tomorrow for Roast Chicken with Mustard, Marmalade , Carrots and Orange. It is so long since we have all been together.

Cheese and Onion Pie x Felicity Cloake

For Roast Chicken with Mustard, Marmalade , Carrots and Orange




Stripes, White and Wind-Blown 23rdMay!

It seems that I forgot to publish this one on 23rd May so here it is now.

We have a new clothes shop in town, Sifar, the only clothes shop in town and I love everything in there! Yesterday I made my first clothes purchase for many, many months – a cashmere sweater in a dark green with rainbow stripes on the sleeves and across the body. It has been lovely to wear today in the coldest and wettest May on the record books. It’s bright and beautiful!

The white Irises are opening with the Corkscrew Hazel just behind and the Choisya beside. . We are in the midst of yet another storm, really heavy downpours and strong winds. The tulips in the border have stood up really well to it all throughout May but are now nearly over.



Seeds and Lupins

Now that we have the allotment, I am having one of our raised beds for flowers. Today, now that the weather has warmed up at last,  I have sown seeds of Sunflowers, Poppies, Night Scented Stocks and Cosmos in circles with the taller in the middle. If it works I’ll show you later in the season.

Our Lupins are coming on.


Nancy Evans, Buds and Edible Garden

The lovely rhododendron bud that I showed you yesterday has enjoyed today’s warmth and has almost fully opened from red to a pink tinged creamy yellow.

Last Christmas we bought a growing tree in a pot and kept it in the garden and decorated it with fairy lights. We planted it in the ground in January and it has settled well, now showing some lovely fresh buds.

The leaves in the edible garden trough are ready for picking and enjoying. The edible flowers, nasturtiums, borage and violas, are rather late this year.


Newlyn, Iris and A Bud

We were in Newlyn last night to go to the cinema, first time in about 18 months. On the way from the car park to the film house, we went past this lovely full garden.

Our white Iris is very lovely.

Our Rhododendron, Nancy Evans, has been slow to get started but here is the first bud.



Full Moon, Irises and Nelly Moser

Last night’s moon was a super moon and called the Flower Moon. I was asleep when the lovely Mr S , having watched the late football, caught it through the back window and with beautiful bokeh.

Our planter with the Irises in has them all in bloom at once.

The Nelly Moser Clematis is flowering!



Lily of the Valley, A Rose and A Poem

I picked some of our Lily of the Valley to bring in this morning and they smell gorgeous.

One of the roses from my Mother’s Day bouquet has dried beautifully.

Another of Mum’s herb books, Handbook of Herbs  published by The Early American Life, turned up today and I loved this poem on the first page of a catalogue that she had tucked inside.

Oliver Goldsmith (10 November 1728 – 4 April 1774)


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Rhododendron, Bouquet and A Kachina

Walking up from town in the rain today, we were stopped in our tracks by this beautiful Rhododenron in a neighbour’s garden.

I picked this little bouquet in our Suffragette garden this afternoon to take to friends where we were planning on tea and cake in the garden. The rain drove us indoors yet again but we had a lovely time together. It’s so good to be able to spend happy times with friends again.

We’ve found a new place for one of our Kachina dolls. This one is a Cricket and we bought it in the Heard Museum in Phoenix in 2016.   For more information on Kachinas,  check out this post.


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Pinkish Sky

Just one photo for you tonight, taken as the sun was going down.

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Graffiti, Bus and A Bluebell

On my walk down the lane into town this morning I spotted some happy graffitti.

We enjoy seeing buses with the different slogans on the back. This one with the reference to tin mining  was pleasing. Stamps were used for crushing the rock to make it easier to work with and to transport.

We have a single, self-set Bluebell in the drive that we have to be careful not to drive over or to tread on.


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