Stripes, White and Wind-Blown 23rdMay!

31 May

It seems that I forgot to publish this one on 23rd May so here it is now.

We have a new clothes shop in town, Sifar, the only clothes shop in town and I love everything in there! Yesterday I made my first clothes purchase for many, many months – a cashmere sweater in a dark green with rainbow stripes on the sleeves and across the body. It has been lovely to wear today in the coldest and wettest May on the record books. It’s bright and beautiful!

The white Irises are opening with the Corkscrew Hazel just behind and the Choisya beside. . We are in the midst of yet another storm, really heavy downpours and strong winds. The tulips in the border have stood up really well to it all throughout May but are now nearly over.



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