Daily Archives: May 12, 2021

Hailstones, Chickens and Fox

I went to meet a dear friend today with the purpose of walking together on the Penrose Estate but the hailstorm on my way over and its continuation for some time meant that we stayed local and walked around their garden and woodland.

A handful of hailstones.

The chickens didn’t seem to mind the hail or the rain. Their eggs are so lovely – pale blue, white and two shades of brown.

On our walkabout N spotted a fox at the bottom of the field. A long zoom just caught him before he slunk back into the hedge. The new woodland is growing really well and Bluebells are appearing in their natural habitat. Regular readers may remember us helping to plant 800 trees last year just before the first lockdown.

It was such a treat to walk and talk with a good friend in the calm and loveliness of their patch.

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