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Exhibitionism, Cakes and Views over London

The Rolling Stones exhibition, Exhibitionism, called to us today. No photos were allowed but if you are a fan, this is an exhibition to visit. I loved the costumes and the sets but especially their diaries and their fan sheets written in their own hands.  It was especially lovely to have a day out with our daughter who enjoyed the exhibition as much as we did.

 There were some very tempting cakes on offer when we went for lunch. 
Views over London’s iconic buildings were followed by my first visit to see Big Ben!   



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Raindrops, Another Bench and Another Treat

We were caught in the rain this morning without a coat or an umbrella so we bought a magic new one! When the rain hits the white drops they change to all the colours of the rainbow. When the Live-Wires had their bath tonight, we put it under the shower much to their delight. 


Another of the benches in the school playground shows “The Enormous Crocodile” by Roald Dahl, a perennial favourite. I’ve just been told that these amazing benches (see yesterday’s post) have been painted by one of the Teaching Assistants. How brilliant is that!

It was J’s turn for a treat after school today so we went back to the Joie de Vie cafe where they play French music and speak to some customers in French as to J, “Bon appetite, Monsieur,” as he was served his chocolate brownie. J’s  “Au revoir,” as we left,  brought huge smiles to the faces behind the counter. 



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School Bench, Treat and John Donne

We collected T from school today and were pleased to see this delightful bench, just one of several in the yard. I used to love teaching with ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’, a novel by Michelle Magorian that was sure to touch hearts.

We had half an hour before T’s street dance class so went to a coffee shop nearby for treats. 

We all need people around us, especially in this time of such uncertainty. John Donne summed it up for us in  1624.



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Bark, Tiles and Joie de Vie

Just look at  this beautiful bark. 

I love the tiles on the floor in a coffee shop that we discovered in North Finchley today. 

Our new find was the wonderful Joie de Vie, a French cafe, selling excellent coffee, the most delicious pastries and beautiful looking sandwiches. We had the best Pain au Raisin we have ever had, even in France. When we left, we were thanked for calling in and the chef put his hand to his heart as he called goodbye.  We will be going back there tomorrow..

Our Live-Wires are at school all day. It was fun this evening to hear Live Wire No 3 reading so competently already and to be able to discuss magnetism with No 2. My goodness but they are growing up quickly!


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Little Dog, White Horse and All Welcome Here

It wasn’t until the ticket collector came along that this little dog, a Chihuahua I think, made his presence known by growling much louder than his miniature size would have suggested. He stayed in his carry bag for the whole five hours of the journey. 

The sun was shining on the white horse at Westbury. 

This poster says it all. Thanks TYW.


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Poppy, Falmouth and Jools Holland

I love the veining on the back of the white poppy. 

We went to Falmouth this evening for a Jools Holland Big Band gig and had our supper overlooking the harbour. 

Just after we arrived at the gig in Events Square I tripped over the cable cover and now have a knee the size of a rugby ball! I was very well looked after by a Paramedic, Gary, and a lovely kind woman called Sue Hollingford (I think) who turned out to be a nurse. If anyone local   reading this knows her, please tell her thank you again from me. We enjoyed most of the concert which was fabulous! I love watching Jools’ hands on the piano keys. 



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Spider Crab, Bunch of Flowers and Friendship

While I was picking a bunch of flowers for a lovely friend whose birthday is tomorrow, I noticed a white and pink spider on the white and pink lupins. I took my photos and then identified it as a Crab Spider. Its legs are certainly very crab like. I have never seen one like it before. 

Flowers for our beautiful friend which we delivered, along with some freshly made Strawberry Freezer Jam, this afternoon.
Despite our shared shock and sadness at the referendum result, we all found some smiles. Thank you N, G, T and K.

Thanks here too to J and M, also helping me find important things this last week.



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Curve

Finding the beautiful in our lives and sharing the love has become even more important today as my country, to my utter dismay, has voted to leave the EU. Here is a curve that I hope will make you smile. 

This second photo is of a three year old hand feeling the texture of the Poppy bud.

With love to you all on this sad day.


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Penryn River, Palm Flowers and Baby Tomatoes 

Singing overlooking the Penryn River is always a delight, this morning even more than usual.


The Dracaena Palm just outside the Zed Shed is in flower and is lovely.


We have baby tomatoes!




Baby Bird, Chicken and Honouring Jo Cox

We are seeing many birds at our feeders, two Woodpeckers this morning and later three baby Blue Tits. What a delight.

We went to Kehelland to buy more compost for planting in. I love to see the chickens roaming free there and the eggs are delicious.

Today would have been the 42nd birthday of the MP Jo Cox who was murdered on the streets last week. People all over the UK  and, indeed, all over the world, held special ceremonies at 4pm in her honour. There was no ceremony near us so we made up a bouquet of purple, white and green from our garden and took it down to the beach where we spent a few moments reflecting on her positivity and her saying, in her Maiden speech in the House of Commons, the following:


“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.”


And, the strangest coincidence….  Today is also the birthday of Bernard Kenny, the
77 year old man who was hurt trying to help save Jo.


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