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Reading, Good Thoughts and Dreams

Another bitterly cold day with snow flurries as the Beast from the East continues to blow across us all. Our walk was very quick and well muffled up.  It was far too cold for me to bare my fingers to take photographs! Reading has been a joy today.

Looking for my sister yesterday, the comment was made, about the right person, that she looked the happiest of all those present. Her happiness shines out of her face and she does always look lovely.  

Great Dream came from the Action for Happiness people. I like it.


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Mary Michell, A Conker and Good Thoughts

On 19th September, our American friends and we were treated to an historical tour of St Day. Part of our walk was to the old Church of St Day and even inside as our historian friend from the village had acquired the key! Inside the Church was a statue that I found very moving. I loved the delicacy of and the expression on her face, the care with which the folds of her dress and waves of her hair were recreated in stone and I looked at her for some time before reading the engraving beneath and discovering that she had died at only eighteen.

I loved this statue to commemorate Mary inside the old Church in St Day

Today Lesley has shared with me the research she has just completed into Mary’s short life. As she said, have your tissues ready. Click on the red link to read the story,  Monument to a lost bride

Remembering Mary

I had a lovely time singing with friends this afternoon. As I parked and began to walk down the lane, a conker fell on my head!



This came my way the other day and I liked it.


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Raindrops, Another Bench and Another Treat

We were caught in the rain this morning without a coat or an umbrella so we bought a magic new one! When the rain hits the white drops they change to all the colours of the rainbow. When the Live-Wires had their bath tonight, we put it under the shower much to their delight. 


Another of the benches in the school playground shows “The Enormous Crocodile” by Roald Dahl, a perennial favourite. I’ve just been told that these amazing benches (see yesterday’s post) have been painted by one of the Teaching Assistants. How brilliant is that!

It was J’s turn for a treat after school today so we went back to the Joie de Vie cafe where they play French music and speak to some customers in French as to J, “Bon appetite, Monsieur,” as he was served his chocolate brownie. J’s  “Au revoir,” as we left,  brought huge smiles to the faces behind the counter. 



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Happy New Year to All my Lovely Readers

Keep looking for the magic

Keep looking for the magic


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Knitting, Tulip and Magic

1    I’ve had to miss singing yet again tonight and, frankly, I’m fed up about that! The one good thing is that I’m spending my time listening to BBC radio 4 and knitting! I’ve completed another 100 cms for Wool Against Weapons and started the next one!

Another piece

Another piece

2   One pink tulip is all that is left from my second bouquet and it looks delightful in this flea-market treasure of a small cut glass jug.

Pink tulip

Pink tulip

3    There is magic  and there are beautiful things all around us if we look.

Keep looking for the magic

Keep looking for the magic





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