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Present, Cake Mixture and James Whitcomb Riley

I’ve been with some lovely friends this afternoon and D who has just returned from a trip to China brought us each a beautiful little bag to keep our creative bits and pieces in.DSCN1922

I’ve baked a Coffee and Pecan cake to take to an event tomorrow. I love creaming the butter and sugar!


I was looking for a poem about baking a cake and found this little delight which is the first verse of five.

Granny’s come to our house,
And ho! my lawzy-daisy!
All the childern round the place
Is ist a-runnin’ crazy!
Fetched a cake fer little Jake,
And fetched a pie fer Nanny,
And fetched a pear fer all the pack
That runs to kiss their Granny!

by  James Whitcomb Riley

Littlest Live-wire arrives tomorrow for a few days and I am hoping she “runs to kiss her Granny”!


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