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Play Park, Hot Chocolate, A Woodpecker and P.S. 

There’s a brilliant play park near us at Heartlands, so much inventive play equipment and a lovely cafe where Littlest Live-Wire enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate.


While we were having our lunch so were  the local birds, a Greater Spotted Woodpecker and a Chaffinch at our bird feeders.

P.S.  I am finding a great need for my beautifulthings at the moment. I am so fearful of a Brexit vote, I am moved to tears by the plight of refugees and the horrific Orlando shootings of the LGBT community in a night club and now today’s dreadful news of one of our own MP’s being murdered in the street.

It is a such a joy to have our Littlest Live Wire here with her constant chatter and laughter and her delight in absolutely everything. Tonight I have finished her poncho and will show you tomorrow. Her reaction when she saw it with the braiding on was a huge grin and “I love it!”


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