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Marrow, Smiley Bus and Baskets

Last night as we came home quite late we found this beautiful marrow on our doorstep – from Sue-next-door’s allotment. Thank you. Now to find a new way to cook it! Marrow and Ginger Jam was a family favourite. I shall have to look up the recipe.

Marrow in the dark

Marrow in the dark

I love our new Cornish buses. As they approach they seem to be smiling and each one makes me smile back!

Smiley Cornish buses

Smiley Cornish buses – you can just see the Town Clock in the distance, towering over the main street

3    There are beautiful hanging baskets all over our town, brightening up the streets.

Just a few of the beautifully full and colourful baskets in Redruth

Just a few of the beautifully full and colourful baskets in Redruth

This may not seem to be a beautiful thing but it is in that it takes away all the uncertainty – I have my date for my second Hip Replacement operation – August 19th.
This is a very good date as all the family will just have left after a 10 day holiday with us, D&A&NM from Barcelona, KJ,J&T from London, L&B from Norfolk and M from Exeter. We will have all our four together which hasn’t happened for almost two years so it is very exciting.  It is also more than 12 weeks before Christmas so I will be back, all singing and dancing for that celebration when we are hoping that the whole family will be together again as the Visas needed by the Senegalese contingent of our family are for 6 months. Big smiles all round!


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