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Paul’s Peace Walk From Rome to Jerusalem

At the end of July, our friend Paul Haines will be walking from Rome to Jerusalem with the focus on Peace and Reconciliation in the world. He will be wearing the peace dove symbol, carrying a book for people to sign, and asking for Messages of Peace that he can take with him as he walks, planning to be in Jerusalem sometime in December.

Paul would like to engage with as many people as possible, before, during and after his walk, hoping to help raise the profile and awareness of peace and in some way, hopes his walk will have some effect.

He started long-distance walking five years ago. Last year he walked from London to Rome in aid of two charities that are involved with health, dementia and music. He talked to many people as he walked for three months, and tried to help raise the awareness of the issues connected with dementia and the benefits of music for health.

Paul is linking up with two charities, “Children of Peace” a UK based charity that offers a non-partisan approach to conflict resolution in the Middle East and “Postcards for Peace” a UK based charity that provided the dove symbol with the word Peace in so many languages.  If you would like to, you can support Children of Peace with a contribution via Paul’s  Just Giving page.

He asks that people follow him on his website, Peacewalk 2015 and leave messages of peace. If you have a look at the messages of peace he has already collected, you will see that these include messages from several Archbishops, the Queen, Tim Smit, Abbot Phra Rachabhavanavimol, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sachs,  us and many more friends.   I have visitors from 100 countries visiting my site. How wonderful it would be if Paul got messages from all over the world from my own Dear Readers…….

The choirs I sing with, The Ingleheart Singers and The Suitcase Singers, have both recorded songs of peace for Paul to take with him. Here is one and I will share the others in posts to come.

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