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Experiment, Brass Shavings and Poppy

1   In our edible garden we are growing flowers to pop onto salads and they look so lovely, I want to be able to do that throughout the winter even if the flowers have died off. I have, in this cause, been experimenting with freezing the  blossoms and today I unfroze some to see the results. Borage does not like being frozen and neither do the Nasturtiums but the Pansy blossoms worked really well and decorated Sue-next-door’s lovely allotment grown salad beautifully!

Pansies on the green salad

Pansies on the home-grown green salad

2   One reason why my Nasturtiums in the pans for the pan-stand (see here) may have died was that there were no drainage holes in the containers…… Today, ready for re-planting, the lovely Mr S has drilled holes in the black pan, the copper bowl and the brass shell casing that has been re-modelled into a bowl. The drilling produced beautiful shavings, first the copper ones and then the brass. I also show you here the engravings on the bottom of the shell case which say “POLTE, MAGDEBURG, JULI 1918” with some very small symbols/letters in the middle. Fascinating! I don’t know where my Mum found it.

3  Walking through the park this afternoon we met a delightful and very well trained 8 month old puppy called Poppy. Here she is waiting for the ball to be thrown.




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