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Canary Creeper, Cherry Tomatoes and Agapanthus

My Mum loved the joke of growing Canary Creeper,Tropaeolum peregrinum, in this old bird cage. For the first time in I don’t know how many years, I have been successful in growing the little yellow bird-like flowers in Mum’s bird cage.

Canary Creeper in Mum's old bird cage

Canary Creeper in Mum’s old bird cage

2  The tiny cherry tomatoes are reddening up in the hanging basket. We will be able to have one each quite soon! Cheery tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

3   I think the shape of this nearly open blue Agapanthus is quite remarkable and very beautiful.  I’ll show you again when it opens right up.

Agapanthus about to open

Agapanthus about to open



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