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Icing, Tiles and Community Happiness

There is a delightful cafe in North Finchley where children can be treated to a Gingerbread person and a tube of icing with which to decorate using their own imagination. T’s became a ginger bread Granny with curly hair and two bionic hips!

The entranceway in the cafe and the sides and front of their counter are all done with colourful makes for a warm and welcoming entrance.

While we were sitting, waiting for KJ to pick us up for lunch, we were approached by three lovely young women who wanted to try out some ideas on us. If they gave me a flower and wished me a good day with the plan that I should then do the same, would I like the idea? Yes, I said. I would do that. How often did I smile at strangers? All the time! Do they smile back? Yes, most of the time. I told them about my blog and asked if they would mind being featured as their ideas really appealed to me. Their aims are to see how they can promote community spirit between people. They were really smiley and left me with some food for thought.



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