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Arch, Agapanthus and A Butterfly

1 We were only away a week and the garden has grown and grown! There are so many beans to harvest and the arch is almost completely covered. You might just make out the new horse that is being kept in the field at the back.

Clematis over the arch

Clematis over the arch

2 The Agapanthus are opening at last.

Opening Agapanthus

Opening Agapanthus

3 This pretty little creature was around the garden most of the afternoon but was very hard to catch on camera. I love its furry little body.

Moth or butterfly?

Moth or butterfly? Can anyone identify this one for me?


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Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

This is not your usual view of Truro Cathedral but one which caught my eye yesterday.  I like the way the trees partly obscure the  building and how the light stone of the Cathedral is both caught in the sunlight and framed by the shadowy buildings of the narrow alleyway.

Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral

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